Killing trump's tax plan is well worth a government Shutdown. Every day the government has been open under Trump has been an invitation to disaster. We are talking packed courts, insults to minorities, night ICE raids, and an atmosphere that gets worse the more Trump rules.

We have no business allowing a bill that hides within the repeal of the Obamacare individual mandate. That is just the start of the horrors. Think bait and switch. Your tax cuts become increases after the 2018 elections. Your insurance goes up now. And worse.

Social Security

This bill is the first salvo in Trump's attack on Social Security and every other entitlement.

It is a deficit balloon and that deficit will be reduced only by reducing what used to be called a safety net. It gives money to those who do not need it and docks those who require it to pay debts in our usury-based society.

We have a little time before the shutdown will be upon us. A blame game will be standard in the media. But this is more than a game. It is life and death to millions. It is a huge penalty for future generations. Stopping it is a no-brainer.


The GOP is the party of shutdown. Most likely, a shutdown this month will be directly attributable to the GOP as it was most recently. Ted Cruz accounted for billions lost in that shutdown.

We are in a huge double bind. We are being victimized by a minority party that holds all the cards.

If we insist on justice and fairness we are told we are unpatriotic. We cannot let that prevent us. We must be willing to say that a government that can accomplish nothing deserves to be prevented from having its signature legislation become law.


A shutdown could be severe or mild depending on, you guessed it, Trump.

He can close borders and generally wreak all manner of harm. This threat of severity encourages some to feel Congress will balk at allowing a shutdown. But sadly the harm done by the Trump tax bill is in prospect vastly more than any that can be imagined in a shutdown.

DACA could be totally killed.

The billions lost through transfers to the corporations and the wealthy are vastly more than any shutdown losses. The health endangered by the hidden Obama repeal provision is worth any shutdown agonies.

We should regard the possibility of a shutdown as a consequence of the failure of governance launched by people, like Gingrich, who turned politics into an attacking game. We can hold both sides responsible. But if the issue is made defeating the tax bill, Trump and the GOP will lose, because the bill is a travesty that deserves to die.