Triadic ethics is a set of terms that all should carry within. The words and phrases create progress. Progress is the sum of good individual actions.

Three of the key terms are freedom, love, and Justice. The order is important. The terms in themselves can be repeated anytime with profit.


Freedom is a term of incredible self-affirmation. When you say it, you are, affirming what makes you human. That is the power to choose among options which is precisely what freedom is.

By putting freedom first in this series of words, you are acknowledging that everything that happens begins with you.

Human progress is the precise sum of actions and expressions that rise from individuals.

Among the worst evils is the denial of freedom by any means. Today freedom is under attack by those who claim to be who they are not. But we soldier on, affirming who we are and choosing what is good, what does not harm.


Why is love not the ultimate in this sequence of three terms? The answer is important. Love is a spectrum from sheer possessiveness to beautiful self-giving.

This means that our loving requires a basic modification. It must be just. To be just, as Dylan reminds us, is to see the beauty in justice.

Love that is self-giving and just is tolerant and democratic and helpful. These are the attributes of goodness.

We affirm self-respect as freedom and our urge to be one with the world as love.


Justice is fairness. Justice is ensuring that no one is denied rights that are the property of every living being. Justice is the assurance of respect for all persons.

When justice is less than these things, it becomes a parody, just as love that is mere possession and even cruelty is false and unworthy.

Justice is not a department, it is a quality of being. It is an affirmation that we have miles and miles to go before the world operates as it should.

We know what is just because we are all endowed with conscience and consciousness. When we are true to ourselves we allow what is just to affect the way we act and express things.

We complete our life-changing mantra with a term that will not be necessary as its purpose is fulfilled.

Maxim power

Charles Sanders Peirce did a great deal that the world will never comprehend. He anticipated the emerging quantum vision. He plumbed the power of inner thinking.

He said that maxims are an incredible force. If you merely used these three words repeatedly, becoming a song within you, you would begin to resonate to their progression. Words and what they refer to are not the end of reality, but they are the way we deal with it.