When we invest the lion's share of our wealth in maintaining and feeding the military, the result always seems to be war. War has been constant even when people reject it. War proceeds because we are ruled by its exigencies.


The toughest definition of exigency is that it means necessity. In Triadic Philosophy, the only necessary things are what run reality. War is not among the things that make reality work.

War is the collapse of freedom into evil. It is the acceptance of atrocity as necessary. It is a heretical and pointless pursuit. The result of war has never been good.

That is because good is the avoidance of harm. Good is the choice of values that lead to wellness. Good is not the disposition to engage in the certain destruction war entails.


If a scintilla of good comes out of nuclear, it might be the off chance that we get energy without meltdowns. Even that possibility may prove unlikely if the sun and wind prove winners in the business realm. Otherwise, we have not yet discovered a positive use for atom splitting.

But nuclear has found its way into the common vocabulary. The so-called nuclear option is the use of Senate Rules to do an end run around the form of democracy that is supposed to rule in the U.S. Senate. And the president of the United States has bandied the term about in tweets that have dominated the news to the point that the story noted here has been largely ignored until now.

Yes, the military is now toying with an actual encounter with North Korea. Something called the Doomsday Clock is now said to be tipping almost straight up. Hawaii is reeling from a nuclear false alarm.


Triadic ethics is a method of ensuring the gradual elimination of violence as an option in all encounters. It works in households. And it can work in our warlike councils.

How does resolution take place? It does so by submitting each matter under consideration to three values. They are tolerance, helpfulness, and democracy.

Triadic ethics says that if nuclear war is the sign, the index of these values is a summons to arrive at a resolution that avoids doing harm.

The avoidance of harm is possible by acknowledging that the world runs on tolerance. The world requires helpfulness. And the world must move toward more and more democratic rights and governance.

This is a universal obligation that requires a sea change in the population of the world. We need to penetrate the councils of war with a message that says that the era of nonviolence begins today. Our future depends on it.