This is the first in a series of articles on Triadic solutions to the problems of the moment. It will show precisely how the thought process of this discipline works. We consider reality (sign), ethics (values) and aesthetics (acts, expressions).


Today the sign we will discuss is well known. Hillary Rodham Clinton has been in the news longer than most people on the planet and she remains front and center. This is true even though she is said to have lost the most recent presidential election in the United States.

She is upfront because her loss is still a matter of debate.

She is also upfront because she has apparently ignited a new wave of feminism. That wave has several causes.

Sexual abuse has emerged as an issue that won’t go away. In a society which is moving towards individuality and away from groups and institutions, Hillary Clinton is more of a Guide than someone who can decree anyone’s fate. There is also, as a result of years of feminist action, a growing pool of female role models.


If Hillary is the sign for our consideration, we move next to ethics. In considering Hillary we think of tolerance, helpfulness, and democracy. These are the action values of triadic philosophy.

How do these values aid in understanding the potential of our sign?

As I look at tolerance, helpfulness, and democracy I find it difficult not to suggest that they are almost applicable. They might be used in an introduction. They enable us to answer the implicit question: What might Hillary’s best future be?

We are I believe moving to a world where guides will have more traction than the heads of institutions or the leaders of groups.

More and more, individuals will act in an ad hoc way, as independent agents of change. Hillary will more than likely emerge as a guide championing the values that happen to also be the universal benchmarks of triadic ethics.

Acts and expressions

When we go from sign to Hillary, to index, and then ethics, in this case, we then proceed to aesthetics – the actions and expressions that emerge from triadic consideration.

There are some keywords that help focus what should be involved in all human deeds. They are beauty, truth, freedom, love, justice, and non-idolatry.

Hillary will do best, in the future, as a guide to what is true and beautiful – and that means education and enablement. Hillary will thrive as an apostle for freedom, love, and justice. And because she is no fool, she will appreciate and honor the root universal value which is to have no idols, none, nada.