Triadic Reality has been the subject of six brief articles. Here is a summary that should show what a revolutionary development is underway. It is the move from binary thinking to triadic understanding.

The initial statement of Triadic Philosophy is that reality is all. This means that we are reality and everything else is reality too. Most binary opposites are either questioned or eliminated due to this.

Examples include body-mind, reasonable-emotional, and even life-death. On examination, almost every binary is understandable as part of a spectrum.

We move between what is good and what is evil, hot and cold, smart and stupid.

Seeing the reality is all means we are receptive to the changing nature of things. We see we are a mixture of freedom and what is determined. We are spectrums, operators in a world which connects to everything.

Time and space

Triadic reality says we transcend time and space. We have memory and foresight. We have experiences that indicate that there are realities beyond us. There is, in fact, a huge amount of reality that is yet to be discovered and understood.

We are also universal beings. We have consciousness, We are able to operate in the world with a capacity to think ethically and to act with a view to aesthetics.


Triadic Philosophy is witness to a great collapse. It is the end of binary thinking as the MO of our common existence. Our way of operating must combine reality with ethics and aesthetics.

A good example of successful transition is to move beyond the binary logic of atheism versus theism. Triadic philosophy sees neither of these poles as relevant.

Religion itself is morphing into spirituality which is present in each individual.

The philosophical precursors of the great collapse are Fredrich Nietzsche and Ludwig Wittgenstein. Nietzsche championed a huge values transition. Wittgenstein cleared the path for a triadic approach that is neither scientism nor old-style metaphysics.


Triadic reality understands that vagueness is inevitable. All thought is in signs and they rise up within us as images and as vagueness. We turn them into words.

Everything we do is fallible and success in any communication or endeavor is on a spectrum between hit and miss. Triadic philosophy is a universal antidote to the perfectionism and condemnation that has marked our conflicted binary past.

Finally, triadic reality acknowledges the necessity of spirituality. This is not religion as much as taking spiritual matters into our own hands and seeing that we have the tools of mastery within us. They are consciousness and conscience.

Reality is the first of three root terms of Triadic Philosophy. The second is ethics.