Triadic Reality would have no reason for being if it did not offer something new. Among the new things it offers is ending a fixed distinction between high and low. The generally lucid video posted below provides a nice case study. It speaks of higher and lower consciousness. I myself have more than once spoken of a higher self.

Take this simple Test. Are you part of the whole world? Are you able to pause and think? Are you receptive to the idea that ethics are central to life? If affirmatives rise, even tentative affirmatives, then I would say you pass my universality test.

The articulate video below makes it utterly plain that we do possess the right stuff when it comes to being able to stop and think. It also understands that the higher self is able to be empathetic, outgoing and even loving.

World shaking

This is not some little thing that means nothing. It is a big thing that means everything. The answer shakes the world. Should enough people affirm their universal nature, we would have – what? The world we have now, but with just enough more active consciousness to get the changes we need to make freedom, love and justice more evident.

Where the video becomes debatable (right or wrong) is in its underlying philosophy. Triadic Philosophy is evolutionary. It believes that moral evolution is not an option.

It is a necessity. The world is being shaken to its core.

The implication

Triadic Philosophy rejects the notion that the video suggests, that the higher self cannot be trotted out all the time. Triadic philosophy says to all, lighten up! You may be awash in wrongdoing, but you are not unable to reverse course.

Triadic Philosophy understands that evolution takes time but what the video calls higher and lower is actually what Triadic Philosophy sees as good and evil, or as right and wrong.

We are not divided between high and low. We are subject to temptations. We are not captives of some level in our brain. We can be delivered from selfish, biased and harmful behavior.


Most videos that are not proselytizing tiptoe around the issue of spirituality. But I know of no other term for the necessary move we need to make past organized religion.

I shall deal with this in future articles. But the reference to being delivered from evil is necessary. It is from the Lord's Prayer which I regard as a revolutionary document. If we cannot see Triadic Philosophy as a way of uniting the spiritual with the secular, the suppositional with the scientific, then we are in hot water indeed.