Reality is a sticky term. If you think in binary fashion, you oppose reality and unreality. Triadic Philosophy rejects that. Everything is real. In fact, reality is all. How can this be?

Reality is synonymous with creation, with the whole ball of wax. We understand everything in terms of a seemingly endless scope of creation.

Creation (aka reality) contains vast areas that are presently unexplored. Just as we would not slice and dice creation, we do not slice and dice reality.


The reason this century is momentous is that we are on the cusp of a movement from binary to triadic perception.

One way of seeing this is to note that universal values or ethics are gaining traction. Triadic Philosophy sees universal ethics or values as essentially baked into the conscience of everyone.

We are on the cusp of thinking that goes beyond the either-or, my way or the highway logic of binary thought. It is a three-stage process that says, wait a minute! Before you decide, consider ethics.


Thinking that is ethical wills to consider values that lead to good acts. This can be as small as being decent to yourself or as large as some expression or action aimed at the entire world. For example, a message that goes out on the Internet. Triadic philosophy sees that as a simple solution to what is a major concern regarding the power of universal communication.

Face it, individuals are empowered as never before to be heard. It's no coincidence that Triadic Philosophy is a product of this particular time.


The “all” nature of reality in Triadic Philosophy goes back to its roots which are Scholastic. Duns Scotus was the brightest light of this understanding. He held that truth is real whether or not we believe it.

Without filling in the blanks, we can easily accept this. Who is there who does not see there is much we will never understand or know?

Consciousness – gateway to reality

A philosophy worth its salt will hold that some things are indeed true. It will say what they are. Triadic Philosophy holds that tolerance, helpfulness, and democracy are truly representative of ethics.

They lead to good. They are universally true action values.

Agree or not

They are true whether you agree or not, whether you follow their common sense or not. They are key to the reality we all inhabit and are part of.

In forthcoming articles, I shall spell out keywords of Triadic Philosophy. It is a universal people’s philosophy. All will ultimately have a hand in bringing to life.