Triadic Reality aspires to be understood as what reality is. When we do not see that we transcend the borders of our minds and bodies, we sacrifice powers we were born with. This article will demonstrate this with one telling example.

Triadic reality is seeing that everything there, is real. It does not suggest that everything there is good or helpful or safe. These are our mental means of judging what works and what does not, what is good and what is not. Triadic reality merely says we cannot slice and dice what’s inside us and what is out there.

It is all one thing called reality.

The binary trap

If we can think beyond two we can find infinity. Really? Try this. Two dots leave you with a straight line. A single dimension. An either-or. This translates into a reality that is warped, flattened, without dimension.

Examples of the binary trap are Republican-Democrat. How well is that working out these days? Another example is global-warming-is-real versus global-warming is fake. How are the global warming believers doing?

If we see thought as binary, we end up with 1 or 0. What’s that? Code you say? Thereby hangs a huge issue.

The internet aha

Why is today's internet conversation so silly? Try binary thinking. Binary thinking avoids triadic reality by which I mean everything that is true and beautiful and good and logical.

The current thinking goes, the internet is to blame. The internet is responsible for death and destruction. The internet is hardly the root of all evil.

Triadic reality sees the individual and the world as one. It helps the individual become a universal person endowed with the capacity to grasp the whole. That means when we consider reality we also consider ethics and aesthetics.

Aesthetics is what works for good and how it gets expressed and acted out.

In the next item in this consideration, I will explain why opposing the mass of people and the privileged wealthy falls into the binary trap.

Object lesson

But now I want to note how the binary trap works with so-called pseudo-science. The following video was banned from TED as being phony science.

It concerns something every person reading this possesses – psychic ability.

It is not improbable that we can transcend Time And Space without moving at all. The fact is we have little idea of our powers. We are in the infancy of our evolution. Triadic philosophy is simply a way to begin accepting who we are becoming.

Freedom and naked awareness is a sort of mantra for what Triadic Philosophy is. Summon up your reality whatever it is. It is your sign for this moment. Consider ethics. Consider aesthetics.

Build your life on an open platform.