Triadic Reality says Spirituality is lodged in every individual. It is a given, not something you can acquire. It is no one else’s property.

Choice is spiritual. It is sacred. It is baked into the behavior of the smallest known elements of matter.

It is included in what goes into making up a human being. Everyone is born free. The worst evil apart from taking life itself is to close off freedom.


This is why binary thinking, the default mode of the world, is fading, along with religion and “my-way” politics. Binary gets swept away the moment one elects to affirm the fullness of individual being.

Spirituality is in us, whether we believe it or not.

Spiritual truth is real enough to be subject to investigation, analysis, and evaluation. Triadic Philosophy sees everything as real including things we don’t yet know. Even what we see as non-existent proves to have existence.


The reason religion is morphing into spirituality is a mix of things. They are suggested by the following words: skepticism, literalism, legend, fiction, authoritarianism, exclusivism, insularity, cult and so forth. Religion is getting worn out.

The times have changed. On a practical level, we no longer operate on a clock that makes religion part of the way we understand life. We are a 24/7 planet and eventually, everything will always be open.


On a more theoretical level, the center of spirituality is the individual. Conscience is an individual property. So is will, so is the heart, so is mind.

Religion is less and less responsive to the diversities that exist. Individuals gravitate to what will best respond to their particular needs. Like gardens, we must tend to ourselves by giving ourselves the time we need.

So the individual leads. Religion is built around professionals. It is leader-centric.


Churches should be multiple-choice. They should morph into spiritual centers. They should provide universally helpful resources that can enable individuals to act according to what does not hurt or harm.

Religions are organized into increasingly obsolete groupings.

No faith can claim the loyalty of all humankind. Human loyalty should be to oneself and to all.

The only unit that makes any sense when speaking of evolving humankind is the individual. The only part of humankind where spirituality can take root and grow is the individual. Turn spirituality into a matter of followers and the followed and you have a recipe for a cult.


The revolution I advocate is so far-reaching and yet so obvious it defies the binary nature of our culture. It invites all into a triadic universe. That universe was here all along.

Spirituality is synonymous with forgiveness. Jesus made forgiveness the central element of existence. The Lord’s Prayer is a revolutionary document.

Forgiveness is a secular action. It works in the world we occupy. It heals and frees.

There are plenty of non-religious sorts who understand the power of forgiveness. Triadic Philosophy advocates it as part of every human being’s daily to-do list. The importance of doing this in some form or fashion cannot be over-stressed.


Triadic Philosophy suggests we give up to a half hour a day to two things. 1. Seeking and receiving forgiveness. 2. Considering matters that are important to you.

Doing this creates remarkable progress. It enables one to be cool, calm and collected. It is what Triadic Philosophy is.

It does not ask anyone to set their ego aside. It is not about escaping the prison of your being. It does not condemn pride or assurance or thinking outside the box.