There was a time when prior to awards shows, the Red Carpet showcased beautifully, one of a kind clothing from the most sought-after designers. Celebrities would be asked who they were wearing because everyone wanted to know. During the past few years, however, the bright hues that viewers have become accustomed to, have all but disappeared and been replaced by red, black, and or white. There are always a few entertainers each year who show up in very unusual attire, but joy villa's dress for the 2018 Grammys has to be the most distasteful item to ever grace the music awards.

The Grammy's Red Carpet is always interesting

There are always a few attendees at the Grammy Awards each year who wear outfits that bare almost all of their flesh so this year was no different. Pink's feather duster outfit was considered quite bad by most, but Joy Villa took bad taste to an entirely different level, by wearing a dress with an unborn fetus on it to emphasize her pro-life stance. Those viewing the Red Carpet from home wanted to see their favorite celebrities strutting their stuff in elegant fashions. A large image of a baby in the womb was simply not good form and made Pink's ensemble a little more tolerable.

Joy Villa is an avid supporter of Donald Trump and obviously shares his anti-abortion viewpoint, as is her right. Villa should not have misused her celebrity to make such a statement in a distasteful way during the music awards show. In decades past, entertainers remained in their lane and kept their political and personal views on current issues to themselves.

There were other ways Ms. Villas could have expressed her pro-life opinion and the Grammys should have not been the place.

Joy Villa should stick to singing

Villa's hideous dress was accessorized by a handbag with the words "Choose Life" on the front. This was a step down from the 2017 Grammy's when she walked the Red Carpet wearing a red, white, and blue dress, which had the slogan "Make America Great again" on it.

For now, Joy Villa has the distinction of using her platform to incite rather than to entertain.

The spotlight during the 60th Grammy Awards should have remained on the nominees and winners of the evening. Instead, those like Pink and Joy Villa go out of their way to wear attire they know will make them the talk of the town. Both easily win for the two ugliest outfits of the night, and perhaps they should get a nomination for most self serving as well. Villa did get the reaction she desired, as many liberals are in a rage over her dress, so mission accomplished. Even so, Villa should stick to singing.