The 2017 Grammys are finally here and many musicians are walking the red carpet on Sunday night all decked out in glitter, glam, and lots of style. Lately there have been many political statements made during recent award shows and most celebrities are protesting against President Donald Trump. However, there is one particular singer, Joy Villa, who is going against the grain and making her own statement by wearing a Trump dress, as reported by EW.

The dress heard around the world

Villa arrived to the 2017 Grammys at the Staples Center in Los Angeles wearing a full-length white cape and holding a heart-shaped clutch.

She looked quite glamorous with a matching white flower in her hair, but the cape didn’t stay on for very long before she quickly whipped it off to reveal the shocking dress choice. It probably turned many heads and seems to be the talk of the awards show this year.

The backless evening gown was a red, white, and blue number that had written down the front, “Make America Great Again," and when she turned around, you could see Trump stitched in glittery silver on the bottom of the skirt. She was certainly not afraid of causing some ruckus by her choice of attire.

Is she making the Grammys great again?

Social media is going crazy after seeing what Joy Villa is wearing to the 2017 Grammys. Some people are in full support of the singer, calling her bold and beautiful, while others are sending a lot of hate her way.

Most celebrities have been toting their stance against Donald Trump all over the place. This is certainly a different view from most in the industry.

Joy Villa did hop on Twitter to thank her supporters and she said that she is all about being able to express herself freely -- and she did just that.

She had also previously posted about love and acceptance on her Instagram account. One thing is for sure, she sure knows how to make a statement, even though she will probably get a lot of flak from her fellow musicians who are not fans of the new president.

Who is Joy Villa, anyway?

While most people may not know who this singer is, she seems to be making a name for herself after her dress fiasco on Sunday night.

In addition to her musical career, she has also appeared on "Heroes" and "CSI: NY." Needless to say, she is now the talk of the night, and may even have snagged a few new supporters.

What are your thoughts on her glittery Trump dress at the 2017 Grammys?