Pop singer and actress joy villa arrived at the 2017 Grammy Awards in a simple white gown, but she removed the decoy outfit on the red carpet to reveal a rather vibrant red, white and blue dress emblazoned with the words "Make America Great Again." Naturally, it didn't take long for liberals to go into meltdown mode -- with many anti-Trumpers hurling offensive racial epithets at the entertainer for her bold fashion decision.

Anti-Trumpers sabotage Wikipedia entry

Some anti-Trumpers even went so far as to sabotage Villa's Wikipedia profile, listing her "date of death" as February 12, 2017 and changing her stage name to "Princess Trump Trash." Her biography was altered to read: "She was once Grammy considered in recent years.

She begged for attention toward her failing career of February 12, 2017 and the 2017 Grammy Awards by wearing a MAGA dress."

Many right-wing media outlets have been posting the disgusting, racist comments that have been directed at Villa throughout the night. Breitbart News posted a tweet from one user, @eIelectricgold, which read: "Here's the coon with the Trump dress. I'm truly outdone."

Tolerant liberals send Villa death threats

Other liberals stooped even lower, with some actually calling for Joy Villa's murder.

Others attacked the singer-songwriter by "leaking" alleged nude photos and videos of Villa.

Fortunately, Twitter has been doing a commendable job removing the most offensive and threatening comments from its site, but screenshots of the more disgusting and profane comments are currently being posted by independent right-wing websites.

Prior to the Grammy Awards, Joy Villa posted a statement on social media explaining that her artistic platform is about love.

Villa has built a large fan following in recent years thanks to her empowering video posts, in which the singer often talks about overcoming adversity and criticism.

However, if Sunday's maelstrom of hate and racism is any indication, any harsh words she has heard in the past will pale in comparison to some of the disgusting, vile things that were posted about her decision to wear a Trump dress at the 2017 Grammy Awards.