As sexual allegations become more and more vague, are we nearing the end of the MeToo movement? Well, probably not, but in time, like the spanking hysteria of the 90s, it will die down and lose some impetus. The #MeToo movement is going to continue because nobody is in favor of rape or sexual assault. I have yet to see anyone marching in the streets in support of Harvey Weinstein or Kevin Spacey, which demonstrates that the idea that we live in a rape culture is wildly overstated.

What we are concerned with and what we should be concerned about, is the feeling that more people are now being dragged into a dragnet of exaggeration and uncomfortable awkwardness.

The idea seems to be that if a woman is uncomfortable or awkward about sex and afterward she feels bad about it, because maybe she shouldn't have been there in the first place, then we are supposed to believe that she was raped or wronged in some way.

I believe she was wronged - by herself. If you put yourself in a bad position and then you go forward with something, without any indicator to the person that you are with, that you don't want to do this and then you feel bad later, you have been wronged by you. That is your fault, there's no aggressor to blame.

You're your own victim. If you say to a guy "I'm going to come back to your place and I'm going to have sex with you," and you go through the motions, it is not the guy's fault.

If the next morning you feel bad because it was awkward or it turns out the guy was a jerk and halfway through the act, you didn't like it but you didn't let him know, whose fault is it? Because it was too awkward to say 'no,' you at that point are your own victim - you're not his victim. Blaming him for that situation is no more right than blaming anybody for something for which they are not responsible.

The guys can't read minds. Mansplaining has been an issue brought up recently. Mansplaining is explaining something to a woman. Now there's feminist splaining, where you explain to me I was supposed to read your mind based on the outward indicators that make no sense. The reason this is coming up now is that there's a lengthy article in Babe about Aziz Ansari.

It's a three thousand word piece about a woman named Grace, who went back to Aziz's apartment and engaged in multiple sexual activities with him. As she was leaving she said she felt uncomfortable and wrong. He then said, "well I'm sorry you felt that way." That was the end of it.

Men can't read minds

However, this was treated by a bunch of feminists as actual evidence that Aziz Ansari's career should be over and that he should be finished by now. Now several reporters have said this story is ridiculous. Barry Weiss at the New York Times wrote a very good piece on this. But there are still feminists coming out of the woodwork saying that Aziz Ansari should be put away and his career should take a hit because he invited a girl back to his apartment, where they proceeded to get naked and have sex.

This is ridiculous. What's really ironical, is that it actually undermines the very foundations of feminism itself. The entire idea of feminism is that women have sexual agency. Women are supposed to be able to make their own choices, but now we're learning that a lot of feminists think women should not be able to make their own choices. And that men should be able to make the choice for the woman saying. "well you know I don't think it's in your best interest to have sex with me right now."

The LegalFling App

So now it's not just on men as to whether women have sex, it's on men as to whether women have a good sexual experience, all the way from beginning to end. This leads to bizarre stories like the Aziz one.

To solve this problem, a new app was created called Legal Fling. This helps protect you from a one night stand turning into a rape allegation.

Nothing says 'romance' like a legal app, like an actual form you fill out with boxes to check every time you decide to get romantic with a future girlfriend. It's actually questionable whether these contracts are in fact legally binding. It seems they might not be because according to those on the left, consent is a continuous issue. Meaning, that in the middle of sex if the woman says "I'm done," the consent has been ended. So unless you grab the app in the middle of the actual sexual activity, then you are going to presumably be accused of violating the woman's consent.

Hollywood believes the ideal sexual scenario is where you ask every step of the way for permission. There's no woman that thinks this is sexy. The reality is that women want men to act like men. That involves a little bit of aggressive activity, not rape. If a man is acting like a passive do-nothing in the bedroom, women are not interested. Hollywood has gone out of control and is now backtracking and making new rules to fill the rules that should have been there in the first place.