Following the alleged s***hole comment by the US president, many people, mostly Democrats in the forefront, without any hesitation, have labeled President Donald Trump a racist, but is he really one?

Immigration palaver

It was reportedly said that President Trump was quite unimpressed by the number of immigrants forcing their way in, hoping to slip the borders of the United States. The rationale behind the president's reluctance to let them in could be plenteous. But such people could include a vast number of nationals from dented countries, people will little education, and possible criminals.

With this in mind, it is only natural to want to limit that number of immigrants that come in from that part of the world.

As it is gathered, the president did use the word s***hole to describe immigrants from certain countries, presumably those in the not-so-rich countries of Africa; and also, Haiti, who had abandoned their lands for greener pastures.

S***hole: A taboo but not an acute racist word

The term s***hole is a two syllable word strung together, but the lexicon definition for it is quite vague. What is perceived at best would be that the said word is derogatory because it is prefixed by the other word s**t. Hence, to use this would be appalling, certainly not someone with the scepter of authority as President Trump should use a word like this.

It's an outright taboo to do so!

What would the children, people from all walks of life, including those in the supposed s***hole countries, who were inspired by his momentous meteoric rise into the White House think of him now? Very lowly, you could believe. It's about time Trump sees himself not just as an American president alone, but that of the world at large.

As such, he should exercise a lot more self-restraint with the usage of offensive words outwardly. Using an unacceptable word like the aforementioned is a let down to the Americans who elected him into power, to the world citizenry, and his Christian faith which he professes.

Should vulgar words be avoided?

By no means, should vulgar and insulting words be avoided at all turns.

But, outside of what was earlier stated, does the word s***hole bring any contrary suggestion to mind? I think not! Certainly, not racism, as ranted by an aggrieved few. Racism, I opine, is best expressed with a certain unbecoming attitude and mannerisms toward another. It has more to do with contemptuous or disdainful feeling and less with any readily used words. It goes hand in hand with the swear word f**k, and most Americans use these on a countless basis. Wouldn't it be clumsy or awkward for one American to use a racist word on another?

If the president were racist, he probably would have associated with just the natives and kept all others at arm's length. But he's done none of that. He brought in a household name, Ben Carson, the secretary for housing and urban development into his cabinet. He realizes a whole lot of good can be gained irrespective of what ancestry anyone's from. What racist would think this way? Not one! Conclusively, I feel the president is a no racist person.