Before assuming office, President Donald Trump commented that his predecessor was spending too much time on the golf course. It is now established that Trump himself also devotes considerable time to this sport, and could overtake Barack Obama if he remains in office for two terms. A study shows that, till New Year's Eve 2017, the president had played golf an average of once every 4.7 days, while Obama’s average was once every 8.8 days (during his tenure of over eight years).

Sky News reports that Trump’s love of golf could set a record of sorts.

He owns many golf courses in the United States, and world-renowned golfers like Tiger Woods have played with him. One of his favorite locations is the West Palm Beach course in Florida located near his Mar-a-Lago retreat, and another is the Trump National in Washington DC.

People are keeping a tab

Golfing is a sport that requires a high level of concentration, coupled with good eyesight, and those who indulge in the game belong to an elite class. It should not come as a surprise that both Barack Obama and Donald trump love golf. To them, it is a method of staying focused and the concentration helps to take decisions.

According to one media report, Donald Trump has paid a total of 77 visits to various golf courses, but it is difficult to arrive at the actual figure.

He has a house on the 600-acre Bedminster, New Jersey course, where he stays overnight and the media does not have any access to it. Another media report puts the figure at 92 as of the beginning of January.

The White House explains that the frequent visits are a part of his method of working – during these visits, he holds meetings with senators because golfing provides a platform to exchange ideas.

In fact, it has helped him to push through his tax cut agenda.

While in office, Barack Obama is believed to have played more than 300 times.

Trump played golf with Shinzo Abe

The Wire reports that Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo is also fond of golf. He played a round of the game when he met President Donald Trump in February 2017.

Japan is an ally of the United States, and the two of them wanted to strengthen the bond through golf diplomacy. They met for a round at Trump National Golf Club in Jupiter, Florida.

The prime minister had accompanied the US president to Florida on the Air Force One after a meeting at the White House, and the weekend was the first use of the Mar-a-Lago resort to entertain an international personality.