President Donald Trump, who this observer claims must resign, set off a Twitter firestorm after he tweeted that Mexico will pay for the wall "one way or another." The President blamed America's escalating drug problem on Mexico and stated that we need the wall "for the safety and security of our country." Trump then described Mexico as "the number one most dangerous countries in the world."

The President did not mention any of the other countries that have been implicated in the illegal drug trade, nor did he offer any suggestions for curbing the drug problem in a broader sense.

The President limited the focus of his blame on Mexico and implied that the key to solving America's drug problem is constructing the wall and forcing Mexico to pay for it.

No data provided

Trump provided no data for statistics to prove his allegation that Mexico is so dangerous, or that America needs the wall for its "safety and security." Additionally, last week Trump was quoted as having described third world countries from which people immigrate to the United States as "s***hole nations." It goes without saying that 'the Donald' is not winning any popularity contests with other foreign leaders across the globe, including British Prime Minister Theresa May, who made it known that Trump is not welcome in her country because of his continual rant of racist comments, including the "s***hole" comment.

Twitter comes alive

As if he had not caused enough consternation with his "s***hole" comment, Trump posted his aforementioned tweet claiming that Mexico will pay for the wall, "one way or another:" Tweeters responded with comments about Trump's tweet, the resignation of one of his top administration officials over racist comments, and with promises to support The Dream Act.

One tweeter responded by directly calling Trump a racist:

Another tweeter stated that "America is looking a lot like Nazi Germany before World War II.

The tweeter was referring to the racist scapegoating of Jewish people by German dictator Adolf Hitler prior to World War II. A number of observers, including this one, have compared Trump to Hitler. Blaming the problems of one's nation on people of other demographics seems to be a common thread for Nazis, fascists, and followers of Donald Trump. And the problem only seems to be getting worse:

One tweeter denoted the fact that they are proud of the Senators who waged a fight on the Senate Floor to protect the rights of "Dreamers," who are "vulnerable." The tweeter described the Tweeters as "vulnerable young immigrant kids whose only sin is wanting to become Americans."

Another tweeter denoted the fact that a high-level Trump Administration official, Carl Higbie, has just resigned because of racist comments that he had made about Muslims in 2013:

Finally, longtime California Senator Dianne Feinstein, (D), tweeted that she will not vote for a Continuing Resolution to fund the government and prevent a government shutdown through September without the passage of the Dream Act: