More goes on within us than the world knows. Sometimes our most significant experiences are hidden. Anything that seems abnormal to us may be repressed or ignored. But it is a good guess that more and more we will be sharing things that will strike many of us as strange. They may well be significant signs of a Sea Change within us all.

The sea change is our emergence as spiritual beings who have stories to tell. We may know we are spiritual but at the same time be largely private. Or we may scoff at spirituality and ignore our own deepest impulses.

Regardless, a dam seems about to break.

Flow of data

People have always felt they talk to whoever they call their god or, just as likely, to persons who have passed on. Friends, families, dear ones. Religious texts are filled with dialogue between human beings and what we would now call extra-terrestrials.

There is also a conversation with ourselves. This is pervasive. We may, like Dylan, give ourselves a good talking to. We may Sense we have a higher self with whom we can discuss matters. Regardless, such talking is common and significant.


The significance lies in the importance of words and in their ultimate irrelevance.

Both realities are involved.

In a triadic universe, words are the default means by which we communicate. But almost everyone is aware that words are also the means by which we process masses of images and amorphous and vague elements that we cannot even name.

Call it the vague or the mysterious.

Triadic Philosophy regards this primal state, which we put into words, as a sign of the very purpose of life itself.

That purpose is achieving unification. Unification is what love is finally about. But it is not what passes for love, in various forms, in this world.

Unification is a good, not the result of force or violence. Good unification is the elusive experience we sometimes see as true love.

The exploration of our minds and realities of inner life are matters that will be understood over centuries to come.

As we learn, we will share experiences many have had that suggest aspects of powers we possess within us. We will discover these more and more as time goes on.


Do they lead beyond death? Yes. Do they mean we can anticipate living after death? That is the question, as Shakespeare said. We move ever closer to an answer.

One thing is quite certain. We will not lack in the future for accounts that suggest there is commerce between the living and the dead. We may even redefine living and dead less as opposites and more as poles on a spectrum.