Imagine a pyramid balancing on the earth with its pointed top at the base. As if to say, the answer is here. What if the earth really is the center? What if we are the purpose of things? Don't get me wrong. I know how outlandish this sounds.We have passed through centuries of enlightenment pointing to a universe that is literally fathomless. We are just specks. Dust. Windblown. That minimalism is more like what we have. Or is it?

What if we start exploring things from a triadic perspective? What if we see reality as everything there is and our purpose here as being the center of a grand project whose purpose is our actual evolution to a point of goodness?

What if we see ourselves as the conscious deciders of our fate? What if consciousness was our starting point?

A hidden revolution

Nothing is new. Newness lies mainly in the spread of things to enough persons that newness is assumed. How many today think of Pythagoras? Some do no doubt. And making him a household word is not what this is about. But consciousness and a sense of consciousness being more than just our mind or our body is not new. The hidden rs the coming universality of awareness. We are about to see that consciousness is universal, that triadic thinking beats binary thinking, and that that takes us to the door that leads beyond death.


The transcendence that Nietzsche and Wittgenstein saw as absent was merely a readjustment to life in what we can call an imminent frame Transcendence is within everyone as consciousness. This thought will not appeal to the binary presuppositions of a narrow science.

Any sort of thinking may be narrow. But Triadic Philosophy has the merit of noting that most knowledge is hidden from us, even now when we fancy we know almost everything. Those who probe the deepest know we are babes in the woods. The bulk of what we think is pure supposition. It is real but it does not cut it in the proof realm.


The starting point in an effort to grasp this century is to accept the mystery at its heart. We do not know what is going to happen. We do not know if we are doomed to fail? We are at a thought junction. The inverted triangle suggests that the answer is very near. It is within us. It has to do with transcendence and consciousness.

This is the context of the first iteration of an actual science relating to death and beyond death. This is primitive science at this point. Because consciousness has been confined as a subject of interest to various elites, it is only now that we can begin to see that what we are touching on is universal, seismic and well worth the effort needed to plumb it.