Her name is Reality Leigh Winner and no she does not like her first name apparently. I do, however, because I think it is the best word for all that she is. And for this moment, at least, that is what Reality is. She languishes in Trump captivity. Here is Trump, dancing on the edge of catastrophe possibly due to him interfering in order to ensure that his minority support could be stretched into a marginal victory. And Reality is facing espionage charges because she had the stuff to get into NSA and extract what Mueller may need to send Trump back to his Tower, if not behind bars.

This involves the sickness of our entire native land due to its deadly partnership with Spying. Maybe there was a reason for spies, just as there may have been a reason for war. We cannot seem to get over the fact that neither of these past enterprises is necessary anymore. We have the brains and capacity to move to a more reasonable stage of existence. We do not have to do these criminal things that we continue to do.

I am talking about slaughter, abuse, bullying, spending billions on arms, and supporting the NRA and Wayne LaPierre. And today I am talking about how sad and stupid it is that Reality Winner languishes behind bars. Or maybe it is a chain link fence. It is captivity.

And the media may be in retreat

As an ignored journalist, it is my business to work underground, in a manner of speaking. I spend at least some of my time trying to shame the NY Times into featuring stories so they will become globally influential. I succeed only because I am hardly alone. Most of us are ignored because Google is hand in glove with what we must see as "the real establishment" — roughly contiguous with the members of the Federalist Society.

My goal here is to help stimulate some remembrance of Ms. Winner since a flurry of publicity last June.


Now there have been some recent reports, but they have not hit the NY Times yet. What you get from this article is access to a sort of file on Reality Winner material and a call, of sorts, to use your own messaging power to get the word out.

If you think Manning and Snowden are traitors, please do not apply.If you agree that turning whistleblowing into espionage is ugly, mindless and unpatriotic, then extract some of the accounts below and get to messaging.

To ensure that the NYT has not suddenly taken up the story again I just checked and did come up with this from The Intercept just an hour ago.

Was Winner apprised of her rights?

No. You can judge if the interrogation was reasonable.

I will keep on this case as I have kept on the Trump case. Nonviolent war is OK, it is the sort that causes harm and whose aim is not good, that should pass from the scene.