After leaving Melania in china so she could go to the zoo, President Donald Trump, speaking in Vietnam, made comments very critical of China. Trump stated that nobody was going to take advantage of the United States anymore. Trump then stated that although he does not blame China for "taking advantage of the United States," that this is nevertheless what happened, according to ABC News on Friday. The forty-fifth President, who was rejected by both former Presidents Bush, then blamed former American Presidents of both parties for failing to recognize and prevent China's predatory actions.

Theft of intellectual property

Without mentioning China by name, Mr. Trump stated that his administration is going to curtail the "audacious theft of intellectual property" by the Communist nation, according to ABC News on Friday. He also sharply criticized China's policy of forcing industries to "surrender their technology to the state and forcing them into joint ventures," according to ABC News on Friday.

Trump, whose power to launch a nuclear war is being questioned by Senator Bob Corker, described these business practices on the part of China as "the massive subsidizing of industries through colossal enterprises," according to ABC News on Friday. It was obvious that Trump has numerous issues with China, its policies, its leadership style, and its treatment of citizens and businesses.

Left Melania behind in China

Although President Trump has a right to criticize other nations, including China, the timing of his criticisms was problematic. As this observer sees it, Trump should have waited until Melania was out of China before launching a high-profile attack on that nation. Did Trump even remember that Melania still was in China touring a zoo with serenading children when he lashed out at the giant Asian country?

Did he consider the fact that he should have secured his wife's safety and gotten her out of China before going on the offensive against that county? Was he thinking of Melania as his wife, or thinking of her as a "low-level volunteer?"

Did Trump realize how this looked to the rest of the world? What does this show about the President's regard for others, including his wife?

Has he ever heard of the military phrase, "Before acting, scan the horizon?" In other words, before taking any action, or saying anything, stop, take a look around you, and know what is going on and who is doing it. And if anything is not right, don't do or say anything.

No, Trump should not have criticized China so long as Melania was still there. He should have waited until she was out of that country. As this observer sees it, the entire scenario made Trump look not only like a coward but like a coward who has no regard for his wife or her safety.

His greatest asset

When President John F. Kennedy went to Paris, he arose from the table after listening to his wife speak French at a dinner party, and stated, "I am the man who accompanied Jackie Kennedy to Paris." Kennedy realized that Jackie was his greatest asset.

All politics aside, Melania is a classy person, despite controversy over her former role as a highly paid model. She dresses nice, is poised and quiet and speaks multiple languages. Plus, she has a real passion for children and does very well when dealing with them.

This observer does not know how the Vietnamese perceived Trump's appearance in their country. One thing is certain though. No matter how Trump came across to the Vietnamese, he would have had a better impact on that nation's people if he had brought Melania with him. He is clumsy and awkward and constantly puts his foot in his mouth. Melania Trump speaks French, which is spoken by many Vietnamese because of France's long occupation of that country.

She even spoke French to children at a hospital in Paris and captivated their imaginations in so doing.

Donald's silver spoon

Donald, the next time you lash out at a country from a safe distance, be sure that you have not left your wife behind in that country. Wait until your wife is back before inserting your silver spoon into your mouth.