Genocide is the destruction of all life. The premises of what all life is must be changed. We must somehow learn to say our no to genocide. Genocide is not impossible to end. But what is the beginning point? Perhaps we can start by understanding what Creation is.

Creation is all that there is. It's what is made by us and by forces we deem natural. Creation is termites that can build beyond the imaginations of most of us. It is orangutangs and mossy stones.It is the Words that just formed in your head. The insight of the ancients was not wrong. Creation is a gift that's meant for good.

A far piece

Yes, we have quite far to go but that's another thing we need to see. Any look at how things have progressed suggests a momentous truth. The way we develop accelerates the progress of the whole. It does so at what might seem to us warp speed.

There have been five stages say the experts, from microbial to now. Plants arrived then swimming and then creeping things. Then came our four-footed kin.

While we were learning to flex our minds and philosophize, time was not speeding up. What speeded up was us.


Another thing took place, a check on our perceptions. We might say things are terrible, but by any measure things improve with time. Even our worst and most horrendous errors do not seem to stem the narrow edge goodness has always had over evil.

Evil and good are not a mystery. They are nothing but the spectrum between decency and care and love that is honest and free and lives built on selfishness, hypocrisy, and the terrible uses to which power can be put. We are poking our heads out of the binary past which has profited by our gullibility. We are understanding that even with all our imperfections we are the ones.

We are the ones who call the shots generation to generation. If half of the rich millennials are OK with a police state, we may have a binary conflict dogging us for a while. But more and more we shall see some light on the horizon as more and more assume responsibility for being as powerful as we actually are.

A first step

The best first step here is taking hold of ourselves and accepting ourselves the way marriages are supposed to be -- for better or worse.

We mainly know that. We know about being mindful and taking some time to think.

But when it comes to sensing our power, the only thing that will work is action. By action, I mean more than deeds. I also mean, perhaps primarily, expression.

Our words, our communications, our expressions are for most of us our prime actions. To conquer genocide we must lay hold on our power and use it.