Examining Creation and Genocide in one brief dive is a challenge, but here goes.

Creation suggests good, genocide not. Old philosophers aspired to know all things. We aspire to make it through the day.

The web of mystery is palpable. There is much more out there and even in view that will escape us. Questions change as time goes by.

Creation seems synonymous with all. As in all creation. Genocide is death, no empathy, as with human and animal slaughter.

Living in the now

How is it we can even think at all? Behind our thinking, now always unfolds. Sometimes now is still and seems in harmony.

Sometimes now is all confusion, noise and lashing out with the real and dreamed-up injury.

The words creation and genocide begin to take on life. Mystery recedes as thought takes hold. Beyond suggestion, numbers have a voice. Beyond the numbers lies a tiny chance for choice.

Words to live by

The words we live by include these. Reality and ethics and aesthetics. Tolerance, helping, democracy. Truth, beauty, freedom, love, and justice. And finally non-idolatry.

Reject voices from on high. Banish loud special effects. Send old superstitions the way of nicotine. Key in to now. Become your master. Achieve independence.

All this is to clear our minds for all. All is reality and all reality is now.

Our common future

Creation and genocide are keywords to help us choose a way that works for all. Our task is now. There is no then. The task has everything to do with now and when.

When will we celebrate creation? When will we say no to genocide? The answer is when we say yes to all. The answer is when we say no to violence.

Saying yes and no

Yes to all means yes, there is good to gain. Yes to all means we seek good for all. Yes to all means we believe evil can be transformed.

No to violence means we will strike no blows. No to violence means we will not will death. Our watchword will be no to violence.


When we see things triadically, we surmise a future that improves.

Improvement comes as each one moves.

Seeing things in threes – triadically – means we have space for thought that’s free to choose objectives ethically and devise responses aesthetically.

Beyond genocide

It means when we consider genocide we realize it will not cease merely by thought. We will work hard to change some minds. We will expand things to mean all of life.

Perfection is no barrier to us. We will never get there, that we know. What we need to do is move a bit and pass on our understanding in a way that will advance all those to come.