Much to the chagrin of the American People, President Donald Trump and his family had a lavish, luxury enhanced Thanksgiving in Mar-a-Lago, Trump's upscale resort in Florida. This is despite the fact that Vietnam veterans are living in boxes and panhandling on the street corners of the very nation that Trump said that he was going to make "great again." The trip cost the taxpayers $3 million mainly because due to the cost of the security detail and that for the use of Air Force One.

Although the President is labeling his trip to Florida "a working vacation," the American People are not buying it.

It simply does not seem believable to the average, hard-working, struggling American that a man encircled by luxury and lavishness rivaled only by the ancient palaces of France and Austria, is "working."

Trump brags to the troops

Donald Trump, who has been accused of improper sexual advances by at least 16 women, made a speech to America's military troops. Although the "The Donald" did, in fact, take the time to thank the troops for their "wonderful" service to the country, the basic upshot of his address to them was that he and his administration had made "great improvements" in America. The President went so far as to tell the troops that he and his administration are "really winning." Then he lamented the efforts that had been made by the troops, especially during the Obama administration, and stated, "They weren't letting you win before," as reported by True Blue Media on Friday.

Trump then stated, "We know how to win. But we have to let you win," according to True Blue Media on Friday.

Trump's comments did not go over well with retired Lt. Gen. Mark Hertling who emphatically told CNN, "We've been winning." Hertling then denounced Trump's suggestion that the troops have not been winning. Hertling then denoted the fact that the troops have been "in this fight for 17 years" and that to be told "suddenly" that they have not been winning is "an insult" to them.

Twitter pounces Trump

Twitter came alive and pounced on Trump for his bravado and his self-serving comments. As it were, the President, who also had the audacity to endorse Roy Moore before leaving the White House despite numerous allegations of sexual misconduct from women, could not commend the troops without giving credit to himself.

One tweeter stated that Trump's trip to Mar-a-Lago cost $3 million and complained about how extravagant it was:

Another tweeter stated that Thanksgiving is supposed to be a "time of giving" and that Trump's bravado is very "sad:"

Another tweeter also stated that Michael Flynn is "making a deal" that all the people in the Trump Administration "are going to prison:"

Still another tweeter stated that this might very well be Trump's "last Thanksgiving as a free man:"

One tweeter described Trump as a "xenophobe" and stated that the President berates immigrants on Thanksgiving and is "such a historical ignoramus that he does not see the irony:"

Yet another Tweeter "thanked" Trump for awakening galvanizing the resistance among those who are predisposed to dislike him and his hateful policies:

Another tweeter stated that Trump had been compared to Charles Manson and blamed for the front lawn tackling attack of Senator Rand Paul.

The tweeter then stated that Trump had "ruined a major holiday:"

One tweeter stated that Trump "respects turkeys more than women:"

On a more comical note, another tweeter stated that even a turkey would be subject to repercussions from Trump if it was not "grateful" to him for pardoning him: