GOP Maine Senator Susan Collins, whose colleague Mitch McConnell has been asked to resign by berated Alabama GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore, told George Stephanopoulos on Sunday (Nov. 19) that she finds the sexual allegations against President Donald Trump, "very disturbing." Collins made her remarks in answer to Stephanopoulos' question as to how she feels about the allegations that surfaced during Trump's Presidential campaign. To date, 16 women have accused "the Donald" of one form of inappropriate sexual behavior or another, ranging from sexual harassment to unwelcome sexual advances, including direct kisses on the lips.

A report by ABC News stated this information.

Trump's revolting sexual bravado

During the presidential campaign, the existence of a video in which Trump made inappropriate comments about his "bravado" towards women surfaced. In those remarks, Trump stated that “when you’re a star, they let you do it,” according to The Washington Post on October 8, 2016. What is even more disturbing to many observers is the fact that when asked about his statement in the video, Trump's reaction was simply, "I said it, I was wrong, and I apologize," according to the Washington Post on October 8, 2016. Trump then continued by stating that the focus on his comments about women is "a distraction from the issues that we are facing today." Trump then compared himself to Bill Clinton, stating that Clinton was much worse because he “bullied, attacked, shamed and intimidated his victims.”

What Collins meant

These comments by Trump regarding women, coupled with his superficial attitude about the comments, is exactly what Senator Collins was describing in her remarks.

Collins also stated that some of Trump's female accusers are "being treated unfairly." Collins continued, stating that these women "are often trashed" and that "It has to stop." She concluded by stating that these women are "attacked" and that "their credibility is undermined," according to ABC News on Sunday.

Discussing Roy Moore

When asked about her thoughts on Roy Moore, Collins stated that she does not find him "credible." Collins described the fact that as allegations mount, it "adds to the weight of evidence against him," according to the Washington Post on Sunday. As of this writing, over 80 women have alleged that Moore made unwelcome sexual advances towards them, including groping, when they were under the age of consent.

Last week, outgoing Arizona GOP Senator Jeff Flake stated that the Republican Party is becoming "toast" because of the constant flow of controversies in which Trump and Moore become entangled. Perhaps this was Flake's way of telling Trump and Moore to turn off the toaster because the smoke alarm is going off again.