Bishop T.D. Jakes is catching flack because he does not desire to work with Louis Farrakhan regarding issues in the black community. According to the Brother Jesse blog, Jakes was interviewed by Charlmagne tha god who asked why spiritual thought leaders such as the Bishop and Farrakhan did not come together and teach. Jakes replied that it was because each man had a different theological view. This is interesting as the popular Christian pastor often works with Oprah Winfrey, who also holds religious viewpoints that differ from his.

Oprah and Farrakhan both deny Jesus as the way to eternal salvation

Although Ms. Winfrey says she is a Christian, as is Jakes, and attends church, she denies the most basic tenant in the body of Christ. Like Farrakhan, Oprah does not believe that Jesus Christ was crucified for our sins. There is a video of the talk show hosts where a guest in her studio audience asks about Jesus. Oprah replied rather sharply "What about Jesus?" and went on to say that He could not possibly be the only way to heaven.

The Bishop often preaches about his faith in salvation through the death burial and resurrection of Christ. Therefore, Oprah and Louis Farrakhan have something in common. Ms. Winfrey says she is Christian and often Farrakhan talks about Jesus in his messages but based on John 14:6 both of them fall short of true Christianity because this scripture quotes Jesus as saying: "I am the way, the truth, and the life.

No man comes to the Father except through me." Based on their own words they are disqualified from being true followers.

The real reason Jakes won't break bread with Farrakhan

T.D. Jakes probably interacts with people every day who like Oprah do not believe as he does regarding eternal life. This is why his assertion that "theological differences" is why he will not break bread with Louis Farrakhan is not the real reason for the slight.

It probably has to do with the fact that the Bishop is popular with mainstream white America and the leader of the nation of islam is not.

Louis Farrakhan is seen by some to be controversial and promoting racism. Should Bishop Jakes decide to work with him it may cost him his standing with some Christians as well as mainstream white America.

There is also the issue of ego's as both men are very popular in their own element. There is also Amos 3:3 which says that two cannot walk together except they agree. The theological differences between the men could indeed pose a problem.