I don't write by trying to think of a topic or what will sell or how to outwit Google. I have been around long enough to know how Google performs in the realm of marginalization. I am interested in everything. And I do not need to write period. There are other things to do.

But when I see something I have felt strongly about and warned people about, then I reach for recent memories and the writing commences in a big flurry. We are at the edge of a nightmare. I called it months ago. And then I called it again.

The first of the articles noted above is a virtual prelude to what may be unfolding.

Forget North Korea. If you want to get to the marriage of hate and intent focus on Iraq and the warped view of Islam in the minds of Donald Trump, Steve Bannon, and Pam Geller. This is the diabolical trio that can end up rivaling an odd couple of past nightmares. That odd couple would bear the names of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney.


I am sorry to post the following because it will strike fear into the hearts of those who read the Times before Iraq and knew from the paper what was coming. I am writing this in the hope of stopping an Iran nightmare from any advance at all.

Let's establish the premise that force can accomplish nothing good.

Therefore it should not be used and that goes double for lethal force. None of this means a thing to our murderous trio. If they could blast Islam to smithereens with a thought, they would do so. They would qualify that accusation with a lie that exposes the fallacy of their thinking about Islam. They would qualify it by exempting a few good Islam folk or by admitting that we depend on alliances with major Arab oil powers.

But the intent is never what it is claimed to be. A war with Iran serves as the typical distraction that war always provides. It diverts us to the addictive aura of conflict. It fires up business. It creates drama. It is the neocon elixir of life. The problem is no longer the case for more and more.

We don't need war

Trump may need war to stay in office but we don't need it period.

We need a world conference on how to structure a world without war. We need to explore basic income. I am coming to think that we need to create double the jobs we have and set people to sharing what they know with people who need to learn. We have largely made up the charade of corporate existence. There is no reason we cannot make up a world beyond heavy labor.

I digress. What can be done to keep Iran from becoming the next Iraq? I hope the NYT will do penance by concentrating on that question until the threat joins the rest of Trump idiocies as bad history.