The Washington Post has revealed a plot by the conservative organization Project Veritas, to entice them with a fake story about GOP Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore. According to the phony story, Roy Moore was supposed to have impregnated a young girl of 15 in 1992. The fake accuser, Jaime T. Phillips, told a phony story with major inconsistencies in it to The Washington Post in a pathetic attempt to get the well-respected paper to fall into a trap.

The suggestion would be that if the story about Phillips is fake, then all the allegations against Moore by other female accusers also must be fake.

And then, of course, Moore would have a chance of closing the gap between him and Doug Jones and winning the Senate seat.

GOP getting desperate

The fact that a conservative group would try to expose the liberal media as publishing fake allegations against Roy Moore shows that the GOP is getting desperate. Moore has been polling behind Jones since several women alleged that he had sexually assaulted them years ago. One of the women claimed that he molested her when she was 14 years old and gave her alcohol.

After Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell stated that he had "genuine concerns" about the likelihood of Moore winning the Senate seat, Moore asked him to resign his Senate seat. It goes without saying that if the GOP was confident about Moore's chances in the Senate race, that conservative groups would not be resorting to attempting to trap major news publications with fake stories about Moore.

If Moore wins

Mitch McConnell has suggested that if Moore wins, that he will take action to expel him from the Senate right after he is sworn in by Vice-President Mike Pence. Conceivably, Moore could be expelled from the Senate within minutes of taking the oath of office, if McConnell were to have the political machinery all set up ahead of time.

If such a scenario were to unfold, Moore's only vote on the Senate Floor would be his solitary vote not to remove him from office.

Trump's wavering support

President Donald Trump, who was supporting Moore after he won the GOP Alabama Senate nomination, is now wavering in his support of him.Now Trump's position is that he opposes Jones' candidacy, but he is not endorsing Moore.

While he is not "out and out" opposing Moore, 'the Donald' is not endorsing him either.

Of course, the people of Alabama most likely will not be influenced by Donald Trump's endorsements or non-endorsements. Alabama voters, who have an intrinsic distrust of outsiders, always have had an independent streak. Whether or not that independent streak results in Moore's defeat at the polls remains to be seen. In the meantime, Moore will continue to deny the allegations by his female accusers and Mitch McConnell will continue to have sleepless nights.