Government works best when it is completely fair.

In recent years more and more countries have chosen Democracy, but there are major exceptions. Some democracies have hardly been exemplary. But at least democracies contain the seeds of representation and the constitutional protections all people need.


Still, dictatorships remain too much in evidence. Dictators are too much admired.

Both China and Russia seem destined to undergo the trials of transition to democracy. Democracy is not merely a system but a universal value, it is lodged in every human being.

It is the inevitable expression of the need for a fair and just world. Every person deserves an equal chance.

Today’s danger

The present crisis exists not merely because of dictatorial and exclusivist currents. There is an underlying problem.

Violence must now become taboo. It is no longer a necessity. It is lethal to us all. Only by moving past false notions of security can we survive.

To defeat violence, we need to agree on four fundamental values. This agreement needs to be made clear by democratic nations. It is a summons to dictatorial regimes to undergo a sea change. These values preclude a world that exists on a foundation of final violence.

Cardinal choices

The four values are tolerance, helpfulness, democracy, and non-idolatry.

Non-idolatry amounts to a universal affirmation of freedom from religious restraints. The action values tolerance, helpfulness, and democracy need to be affirmed as the basis for both individual and social conduct.

Spreading these values is of utmost importance and this can only happen as individuals share them. Democracy must be our universal form of governance, Helpfulness needs to ensure universal education and enablement.

Tolerance needs to be understood as both the strength and flexibility needed to ensure flexibility and endurance in what will be a century-long struggle.


The struggle will be to defeat our binary past by ushering in a triadic future. As this is done the world will move naturally in the direction of nonviolence. We will see the obvious.

Nothing that involves lethal force can be said to be ethical or moral. We need to build a world where the money we spend making violent response possible is devoted to reducing and eliminating violence in all iterations and forms.

It’s time

The time has come. The work proposed will get done. Of that I am confident. The alternatives are unthinkable.

Today we are witnessing the purging of our history of binary dross. We need an end to the conflict that inevitably becomes war. Promises can no longer be a prelude to slaughter.

It’s time to think outside the box. It’s time to move from binary to triadic. We can be a global wave that changes everything.

Nothing happens without reason