The Houston Astros have won the World Series, and the Texans have lost Deshaun Watson to a torn ACL. Deshaun has to be a part of these Thursday thoughts because he was the catalyst for a Texans team that should have been very good. He serves as a contrast to the World Series win from the Astros, and his injury has covered up much of the hullabaloo over Bernie Sanders possibly being pushed out by the DNC and Hillary Clinton. We have had a crazy day, and I am surprised that Donna Brazile is not accusing an inside agent of causing Watson to injure his ACL in practice.

Congratulations, Astros

The Houston Astros have turned out to be Houston Strong, and they have many reasons to join the Twitter trend of the #happiest5wordsentence. The Astros parade cannot possibly be any better than the celebration after game seven where Carlos Correa proposed to his girlfriend. It appears the Dodgers dressed up for Halloween as contenders because they laid down when they needed to come through most. It was more surprising than the proposal, to say the least.

Losing Deshaun Watson

Watson could have stepped in a sinkhole and not done as much damage to his knee as he did in practice. His ACL injury will keep him out for the rest of the season, as first reported by Adam Schefter for ESPN.

While we have the Texans owner cheering against social justice, he has lost his most important player. While Bob McNair is watching Fox News and hoping Donna Brazile's accusations are true, his team has been left without a competitive offense. Were it not for the bounds of good taste, we might assume that this injury is punishment for McNair's bad deeds.

Bernie enters a prize fight

Bernie Sanders has been fighting against Donald Trump ever since the election, and he has found himself on the opposite side of a controversy involving the election. The Russian influence in the recent election has been investigated by Robert Mueller, and Donna Brazile has said that a conspiracy kept Sanders out of the nomination.

We will never know the truth, and we will come back with more #TBT news where Sanders is used as a ploy to distract from the clear issues the Trump administration is having. Deshaun Watson masked problems for the Texans, and youth made up for mistakes with the Astros. However, we cannot hide the fact that our political climate is highly dysfunctional. On a Thursday such as this, we have been treated to a firestorm of news and speculation that we may never fully unravel.