In Eli Manning's decade-long run with the Giants, he has accomplished a lot. He has two Super Bowl wins over the Patriots under his belt and he has never missed a game. Of course, it's not all sunshine and rainbows for the younger Manning.

Peyton’s legacy casts a shadow

It’s always tough to have the same career as a sibling, mainly when you’re following your older brother. In his 17-year career, Peyton has racked up over 15 awards and highlights; two of which were Super Bowl victories (one MVP). Eli is 13 years into his career and his resume is pretty amazing, but fans will always put Peyton over.

As a matter of fact, during Super Bowl 46 a commentator confused Eli for Peyton. Sure, Eli has plenty left before he hangs up his cleats, but unless he wins another Super Bowl (mainly against the Patriots), Peyton will be the “favorite” QB.

His completion to interception ratio

Quite honestly, it’s a surprise for a quarterback of Eli’s caliber to be throwing so many interceptions. This is mainly applicable to these last couple of seasons. In the December 2013 game against the Seattle Seahawks, Manning threw five interceptions and only completed 18 passes for a mere 156 yards.

It was even worse in the November 2014 match against the 49ers. Eli threw five interceptions and only completed 22 of his 45 passes.

These are just examples, just imagine every game that he has lost. According to Sporting Charts, he throws an average of 16.5 interceptions per season.

Pro Football Focus has him on ‘5 Worst NFL Quarterback Contracts’

PFF is well recognized for providing analysis of the NFL and for being heavy critics. PPF gave Eli an unwanted recognition.

This is due to his post-2011 seasons. In 2015, PFF gave him a 67.4 grade (pretty much a D average) placing in 26th place out of 38 QBs. They expect Eli to be cut by 2019.

Eli has become a meme

As a sports fan, you’re not fully satisfied or pissed off until you see the post-game memes. The NFL specifically is subject to some of the best memes.

That’s funny and all, except for when you are the meme.During Super Bowl 50, the Broncos scored a touchdown and a 2-point conversion. One would think that Eli would be celebrating his older brother. Instead, he looked stoned. There is also a meme in which he looks hungover. At the pace of the current season, expect more memes.

Super Bowl hangovers

Speaking of hungover, Eli suffers the worst Super Bowl hangovers. The Giants’ road to two championships makes for some of the greatest underdog stories in sports history. After beating the Patriots in Super Bowl 42, the Giants choked in the following seasons’ playoffs. In 2012, they failed to reach the playoffs; finishing 9-7. For some reason, success Eli isn’t too keen on replicating success.

The Memorabilia Scheme

Hands down, Eli is considered to be the cleanest NFL player at this moment. He has never cheated (unlike Brady), run dog fights (Michael Vick), or hurt a kid (Adrian Peterson). Earlier this year, Eli was accused of defrauding fans of authentic Giants memorabilia.

Imagine anticipating Super Bowl gear, but only to find out that you were screwed over. Several fans have claimed to have received fake memorabilia. According to some emails, it is claimed that he was aware of this. Others believe it was taken out of context. For the time being, this issue is going to be held off until March 2018.