“Black History Month.” “Women’s History Month.” “National Hispanic Heritage Month.” “LGBT Pride Month.”

The purpose of these movements seems to be Equality. They certainly don’t seek world domination. However, there doesn’t seem to be any laws or government institutions that seek to infringe on the rights of minorities, quite the opposite in fact. It must be then, that these Minority Groups seek equality within society itself.

The universe knows you're equal

Here’s the truth about being equal to someone else. Screaming “EQUALITY!” doesn’t make you equal.

Constantly providing evidence of your equality does not make you equal. If you are equal to someone, nothing needs to be said … you’re equal. If someone thinks they are a better human than you because of tangibles like race, age, or sex, that’s their delusion. The universe still knows you’re equal. You still know you’re equal.

Let your principles define you

When minority groups express the “pride” they have in being a part of whatever gene pool they landed in, they are essentially saying they don’t think they’re equal. They can’t build an identity using ideas and principles alone and need the comfort of a group identity to feel okay with themselves.

"As an Asian," "As a black man," "As an Asian in the military," "As a conservative Latino" "As a gay, Jewish atheist".

Most people who need to associate with labels are too intellectually weak to form their own ideologies. Furthermore, when people tout the laurels of a specific minority group, they are basically saying that the rest of us, (straight white males), don’t think that particular Minority Group is equal.

They are projecting that ideology onto us whether we’re bigots or not.

For those of us who are not bigots, we see the constant barrage of identity-driven nonsense and think; Yeah, I already knew that everybody was equal regardless of tangibles like age, race or sex. Why do you keep screaming it in my face?”

Nobody cares

This is as real as I can put it: nobody cares that you’re black, nobody cares that you’re gay, nobody cares that you’re a woman, nobody cares that you’re old, nobody cares that your eyes are two different colors, nobody cares that you’re white, I don’t care that I’m white.

Stop talking about how proud you are to be a part of something you have absolutely zero control over. Get your life together, and build yourself into a person who can compete in society. Welcome to equality.