If you haven't heard, certain people have recently been criticizing Taylor Swift for her lack of involvement in politics, and insinuating it's because she likes President Donald Trump. Basically, some blogger from a site called Popfront wrote an article calling T-Swift "Alt-Right," and Taylor's lawyers threatened to sue the website. Then the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) came to the defense of the website, and now a bunch of other bloggers and websites have been throwing major shade in T-Swift's direction. Swift has continued to stay neutral despite criticism.

@marieclaire shamelessly calls out Taylor Swift

Anyone that focuses on the politics of pop stars is lame, and thankfully I'm not the only one who thinks so. Twitter users destroyed @marieclaire (yeah, the make-up people), in response to their "call-out" of Swift's political neutrality. It's a shame that some people are so blinded by their political ideology that they can't help but try to politicize one of the only remaining things that almost everyone loves; Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift dominates the weekend

If you also haven't heard, Swift dropped a new album last Friday. Both critical and fan reactions to "Reputation" have been extremely positive. She performed two of her singles, "Call It What You Want," and "Ready For It?" on "Saturday Night Live" last weekend (Nov.

12th) to rave reviews. But that wasn't enough "awesome" in one weekend for Ms. Swift. She had to cap it off with the performance of a lifetime.

Taylor's moving performance

Sunday night on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon," T-Swizzle put any debate to rest: anyone who doesn't like Taylor Swift's new album has been drinking way too much Hater-Aid.

She performed the song "New Year's Day," and, according to In Style, her performance "moved Jimmy Fallon to tears."

Swift and Fallon shared a touching embrace as Taylor finished her piano ballad. Apparently there's a backstory involving a lyric in the song, and a childhood memory Jimmy has of his mother.

We don't love Taylor for her politics

The scene that unfolded on "The Tonight Show" was extremely moving, and reminded us all of why we love Taylor Swift, (hint; it's not because of her political views, or lack thereof).

T-Swift is a song-writing machine. She's spent the last decade perfecting her musical talent, as well as exploring her limits as an artist. It's possible that this is the best "Taylor Swift" we've ever seen and we just don't know it yet.