Canadian Prime Minister justin trudeau recently posted a text graphic on Facebook to express his support for gender equality, a few months after an anti-discrimination bill was passed.

“We will passionately defend the rights of all our citizens, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression,” the prime minister stated in his Facebook post.

A few months ago, Canada reportedly passed Bill C-16, an anti-discrimination policy that makes it illegal to discriminate based on gender identity and expression.

Trudeau also noted on the social media post that there are several things to celebrate during Canada’s Pride events this year.

Mixed reactions

There were mixed reactions over Facebook on this recent post by the Canadian prime minister on their official page.

“What about ethnicity? Should we, our government, not first ensure the children living in indigenous communities have their rights to food, shelter, and water first; and then after this has been accomplished give medical aid to Africa nations [and] Syrian refugees?” Kathryn Katharos wrote as a comment on Trudeau’s post.

She added that if the country has sufficient funds to donate to international causes, then it should have enough funds to provide aid to children living within the borders.

Others applauded the statement.

“As a US citizen, I admire your PM. He is an amazing leader for all.

You Canadians should be thankful and very proud to have a leader like him leading the way. You guys got it right, the USA, at the moment, not so much,” wrote Doug Daniels.


The anti-discrimination bill was passed by the Canadian Senate a few months ago. According to The Globe And Mail, the bill protected its citizens from discrimination based on identity and expression, advancing the rights of their LGBT community.

The bill was reportedly approved by a vote of 67 over 11. The bill is said to be supported by the former Liberals and independent senators whom Trudeau appointed, despite delays from the Conservative politicians.

“The legislation marks a significant leap toward recognizing transgender and gender diverse groups as worthy of dignity and respect.

I am thankful to everyone who struggled tirelessly to reach this historic event,” a Canadian advocate for the LGBT community told The Globe And Mail.

Canada is among the nations that have bills that promote gender equality and anti-discriminatory actions from its citizens.