A recent Interview with Chris Paul posted to ESPN has him talking to Jay-Z of all people about the struggles of being a rich athlete. I know that athletes have normal lives and families, but what I find most hilarious is that this guy wants us to think that he is somehow put out by the fact that his family "has" to move now that he is playing in Houston. It appears that Paul does not know how much money he has, did not pay attention at the rookie summit where they explained how you choose where to live, and wants us to Feel bad for him even though he was the one who wanted to leave LA.

He does not have to move

Professional athletes are often advised to pick a place to live and stay there. If you have a ton of money, you can do that pretty easily. You can get a nice house where you have chosen to live, and you can stay there for as long as you want. Many people choose to live in Atlanta, but they do not play here. Many people choose to live in California, but they do not play there. So, why does CP3 have to move just because he was unhappy with the Clippers suddenly? He does not, but he wants us to feel for him.

He chose the Clippers

He chose the Clippers because he wanted to have a change of scenery, but that was all his choice. Paul has been in a place in his career where he has not been able to succeed and blames it all on someone else.

Many people laud Paul for being great, and I have been part of the parade. However, I know for a fact that he has been a big part of the reason why his teams have not made deep runs in the playoffs. This means that he is doing the same thing that his buddy LeBron James does, but he is not winning titles while he does it. So, instead of making sure that the team he is on can get better, he is complaining about their culture.

That is the same way as saying that the team did not do enough to help him even though he has never played in the conference finals.

He is playing on the fact that we like him

We all kind of like Chris Paul, and he is playing on that to make sure that he can get us to feel bad for him because he had to leave the Los Angeles Clippers.

He did not have to leave the Clippers, and he does not have to keep complaining about all the help he is not getting. Those Clippers teams were fantastic, but he was just not clutch enough to take them to the next level. He has left LA so that he can play with what he thinks is a title contender, but that will not be the case because he will spend all his time fighting with James Harden.