I have been writing about Progress for a while without sharing the most salient reason why it is going to Explode. It’s no Secret, but there are some emerging reasons you may want to know about. Malcolm Gladwell has been one of the major voices outlining the methods of the most successful people on the planet. He has propounded the idea that practice makes perfect.

More specifically, Gladwell has suggested that hours and hours of assiduous focus on one thing will be the key to mega-success. But now this wise formula is being overtaken by a competitor.

The experiment secret

Again, this is nothing new. But it is being dressed up as the formula that Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg used to achieve their mega-successes with Amazon and Facebook respectively. There are, of course, detractors on all sides. Facebook and Amazon appear to rule the roost now. But how long will they be where they are?

Suffice to say that experiment is a wonderful formula and that there is really little difference between it and practice if the practice is really perfect. Let me put it differently. If practice is experimental you have the best of today’s possible worlds.

Explosive progress is inevitable

What is undeniable is that, barring a Trump-led march to nuclear Armageddon, we are embarked on a global adventure that mirrors advances in technology and science.

These fields are moving at warp speeds and while the mass of humanity is not quite incremental in its movements, it is picking up steam.

The entire world is involved in a massive move forward. It is being fed by the success of the practice-experiment formula but more fundamental is the awakening of people to their own power.

This is what is happening all over. A few blocks from me what used to be Lord and Taylor in Manhattan is now becoming a haven for millennials who will work in their little cubicles on experiments that will spell tomorrow.

Even with Trump

In the face of the worst and most noxious of political environments, we have three percent growth.

In the face of climate chaos, even mass disasters, we are rolling forward with increasing velocity. Go figure. Is it a rush to the end or a new beginning?

I answer: it is an unprecedented new beginning that results from the simple merger of every two-sided element in our binary past. We will learn soon to submit our free choices to values that can sustain us – tolerance, helpfulness, and democracy. As that comes forth, we will be taking our first baby steps into what will be a truly new stage in our development.