Lil Wayne and Birdman have been at odds for the past few years. Wayne claims that Birdman owes him millions and, is hindering the release of the long-anticipated album, "Tha Carter 5". Specifically, court documents show that Birdman allegedly owes Wayne $51 million. In addition, Birdman allegedly owes Drake and Nicki Minaj, profits from their music released in the past. Although Drake and Nicki Minaj have their own labels now, Lil Wayne is still trapped under his Young Money contract.

After several years of court cases, Birdman's defense has been the same: We don't have the money.

$51 million is quite the amount of money so Lil Wayne has requested Birdman's financial documents so, they can learn what he spent the money on. These financial documents have yet to be presented to the Judge and, the process is taking years.

Lil Wayne's side

Without a doubt, Lil Wayne has feelings of regret and betrayal, dealing with Birdman in these legal matters. Lil Wayne began rapping at 14 and, Birdman took the role of a mentor and father figure since Wayne's father passed away at a very young age. Lil Wayne even refers to Birdman as his daddy and, Birdman refers to Wayne as his son. So, it must be devastating that money is tearing apart a relationship built upon decades of success.

Weezy has publicly disavowed his relationship with Cash Money. On songs, he's dissed Birdman and Cash Money as a record label.

On stage performing, he's chanted "F*ck Cash Money" and stated that Birdman wasn't his daddy anymore. He was seen wearing a white hat with the words "F*ck Cash Money" written in black. In interviews, when asked about Birdman, he said he only had one father, his biological one.

Recently, Lil Wayne has shown that he is tired of the court cases.

After years of cases, Wayne still does not have access to financial documents and he is still under contract. He's asked the Judge to liquidate his label, Young Money, give him what he is owed, allow him to leave his contract, and give the rest of the profits that are legally bound to Birdman. Young Money is a split owned business, 51% owned by Birdman and 49% owned by Lil Wayne.

So, Birdman would get 51% of Young Money's liquidated asset but, Wayne would no longer be under contract.

Birdman breaks his silence

As these events unfold, Birdman has been viewed as a shady businessman. Former Young Money affiliate, Tyga, claims that he never got paid for his hit songs like "Rack City" and "Molly", amounting to a total of $12 million in unpaid royalties. Several former Cash Money affiliates have spoken out, saying that Birdman also owes them money. MMG label owner, Rick Ross, even said that Birdman owes former Cash Money affiliate, DJ Khaled, money.

Through all of these accusations, Birdman has stayed silent. Eventually, he spoke about Lil Wayne's accusations. He gave a doubtful answer, saying that Lil Wayne is his son and that everything will be resolved.

He vehemently denied Tyga's claims and strictly ignored the other accusations.

It's unfortunate seeing such a prominent record label fall this dramatically. Young Money was the record label of the mid-2000s but, Birdman's greed ruined the company and, his relationship with his signed artists.