Teddy Bridgewater has been cleared to practice, and this must be a very good PR campaign by the Vikings to get someone to trade for him because they think that he can be their quarterback of the future. I would not want to have Teddy on the roster after all that has gone on, and he needs a fresh start. The fresh start that he needs can be given to him pretty easily if the Vikings can get someone to bite on a trade. That is why they keep telling us just how he is doing even though he is clearly at the bottom of their list of priorities.

They should keep Bradford

The Vikings need to keep Sam Bradford, and they need to keep Case Keenum as their backup. This setup has been working great, and it has been better than anything that Teddy Bridgewater was able to do. Bridgewater is very good, but he is not so good that he can replicate what Bradford has done. At this point, Keenum looks better than Bridgewater, and that is just what happens. Sometimes you lose your job to injury, and Bridgewater needs to be shipped to another team.

The Vikings need to trade now

It would be wise for the Vikings to get as much value as they can for Bridgewater while the season is still going on. You know that someone out there might want to give him a try.

The Jags could trade for him, or the 49ers might want to have their shot. The Jets might want to have him, and it is possible that the Colts might want to have him instead of Jacoby Brissett. We have seen crazier things, and that is why we have to leave options open. The Vikings have to get as much value as they can for this guy right now because they can win their division now that Aaron Rodgers is out for the year.

Would they start Bridgewater?

I suppose that you could start Teddy Bridgewater if you were never convinced that you were going to keep Sam Bradford, but that would be an awfully big move for a guy who set the league completion percentage record last year. You would have three quarterbacks on the roster who have a history of injuries, and you would just be shuffling one for another.

I am not totally sure that that makes much sense when you have a Heisman Trophy winner and a more experienced player already as the starter. His backup is one of the most prolific college passers of all time, and now you want to bring back Bridgewater because you do not want to lose the value of his draft pick from a couple of years ago?

The Vikings need to be very careful. I would still trade Bridgewater, and I think that was the plan all along.