Jim Mcelwain and Ed Orgeron are not Fired yet, but we see the telltale signs of guys who are going to be very close to getting fired. Orgeron has had to come out and say that he is on the same page with his AD, and McElwain is trying to plug a sinking ship with any quarterbacks that he can find. Both teams are not very good, and these coaches could both lose their jobs because the universities will get impatient. Perhaps their buyouts are too big, or maybe the schools just do not care. Either way, Florida and LSU should not look like this. It is really bad football to watch, and it is worse for the schools and their reputations.

McElwain has less time

Jim McElwain has had all the time in the world to recruit the right people and get them on campus. He has been given time to find a quarterback who will fit his offense, and he has been through them like a box of Kleenex. You cannot go through the number of passers that McElwain has and expect to keep your job for very long. He was supposed to be the savior who could recruit the right guy and put Florida back on track. Everyone expected him to do the kind of job Steve Spurrier did, but the simple fact is that McElwain is not anywhere near Spurrier's level.

Orgeron looks confused

I like Ed Orgeron a lot. I want more than anything for him to get this team together and make it work.

I really want to see him succeed with that thick accent in the place that he calls home. However, he looks and sounds confused. He is probably the best recruiter in all of America, and he is one of the best defensive coordinators. However, he might be more like Dave Wannstedt than Bill Belichick. Orgeron seems to be suited to being a coordinator, and that could make his stint at LSU very short.

SEC doormats are bad business

Every team in the SEC except for Kentucky and Vanderbilt is supposed to be competitive. Kentucky has not been so bad, and Vanderbilt has its ups and downs. You cannot be at LSU or Florida having mediocre seasons with the football team. These teams are the backbone of their universities, and these teams have to get the school as much press as possible.

People from around the country have no idea these schools are there or where they are unless they see them play football on TV. A bad SEC team does not get to play on CBS at 3:30 on Saturday, and that leaves them in the background of a conference where Ole Miss and Mississippi State are competitive. If you are Florida or LSU, you would never accept that. The hot seat for both coaches has more to do with publicity than it does with football.