Georgia has landed Justin Fields, and this kid is the top recruit in the country, according to a report by ESPN. The problem is that this kid cannot fix their program or make them as good as Alabama. I am not sure if anyone has noticed, but Georgia is playing really well with Jake Fromm, who they basically picked up off the street to start for an injured Jacob Eason. Eason was supposed to be the savior who chose not to go to Miami with Mark Richt. Eason was mediocre, then he got hurt, and now his backup is obviously better than him. That reality is not even in question, and Georgia wants to pick up some kid who could start anywhere?

This sounds like a very bad idea especially since Fromm is not a runner and Fields is. What are they doing in Athens?

The recruiting game is tricky

Alabama has had a hard time finding a quarterback, and they have not necessarily solved their quarterback issues. Georgia has someone that they can hold onto for the next couple of years, and they will be completely settled in a passing offense that requires the quarterback to stand in the pocket. Now they want to recruit a dual-threat passer who will walk into a fully developed offense a couple years from now to play in the wrong style. That is what Georgia has done, and it will probably backfire because Fields should not have to change his style after all that time.

Also, the Bulldogs should not change their offense for this kid.

They are playing with fire

Georgia could turn Fields off to their style of play at any time. If Fromm is great, Fields will not see the field for years. He will not have any playing time, and other guys will be building their brand across the country. He will not be able to go to the draft after his junior year, and the offense might not be able to change with him when he is finally starting for Georgia.

We will see Georgia go away from what is making them win now, and that could turn his only year of playing at Georgia into a disaster.

Recruit with wisdom

There comes a point at which you have to look at Fromm and realize that you are a completely different team than what you thought you would be. You should have let Fields go somewhere else that he can actually play football.

Do we really think Fields can take the job from Fromm? Do we really think that would be wise? Just because you can recruit someone does not mean that you should. The UGA football team does not need quarterbacks. This UGA team needs depth at all other positions. They might have miscalculated.