Feleipe Franks has been chosen the starting quarterback at Florida over Luke Del Rio and Malik Zaire. These two upperclassmen have been fighting for a job. That they thought may have been theirs, but Franks has taken over for these boys as the long-term starter for Florida. I have to wonder if this is what Florida wants so that they can win now, or is this what the Gators want to do going forward?

Why choose Franks?

The Gators can get three years out of Franks before he goes to the NFL, and they could get four years if someone wants to draft him who is unworthy.

There are many different people who are hoping that they can lean on Franks, and I believe that Franks will stay with the team and remain their starter for three years. They may challenge Alabama, and they will have stability at a position that has been traditionally unstable for them.

Does he fit?

Franks may be the best fit for the Florida offense, and he could show us the full potential of Jim McElwain's offense. You may believe that we saw that at Alabama, but I believe that the Florida expectation will make this offense much stronger. By expectation I mean that the people in Gainesville will want to see 50 points a game, and McElwain will try to give it to them. There is the hope that Franks will make this offense look so good that we are doubly impressed.

They may come out so well that they can outscore Alabama, and now they are in competition to win the SEC title game which they will likely go to

Do they have a chance?

I think Florida has a chance to be competitive this season, but we should not discount Alabama. These two teams will likely meet in the SEC title game, and I believe that they will have a competitive game.

The Gators could win a big affair that has a score on the order of 52-49. That would not surprise me at all. They must push Franks along to see if he can become the player that slings the ball around and wins the Heisman Trophy in a couple years.

Be hopeful

We should be hopeful because the Gators now have something that will carry them for a couple years.

They have a quarterback who will help them remain near the top of the college football world, and we could be in a position where the team that loses the SEC title game also goes to the College Football Playoff. I would like to see that because it would be more exciting for college football to tackl. Perhaps we could see the playoff expand in the future to six so that we can accommodate teams that might miss out in the next couple years.