The Cleveland Browns should be commended for their plans for the future, but they clearly are having issues getting Isaiah Crowell on the field. This guy has not been himself of late, and he was supposed to be a really solid back for this team. Crowell might have had some problems in college, but he has the talent to stay on the field in the NFL. He has not really been in trouble, and he is only playing a little over 30% of the plays the Browns have. Why is someone with so much talent on the field so little?

Crowell is a transition guy

Crowell might be stuck in the transition of power as a player who was brought in before Hue Jackson got there.

That means that Jackson might not necessarily be in love with Crowell. If that is the case, then Crowell is not getting touches because he is just filling a roster spot. I would expect to see him get traded if the Browns are not really in love with him, or he needs to prove himself in practice.

He has downhill power

Isaiah Crowell is more than capable of running downhill, and he runs a lot like Todd Gurley. That makes sense because both these guys went to Georgia, and we know that that school has a long tradition of putting out running backs who can run for power. It is easy to look around the NFL and find a guy or two who ran the ball at Georgia, but Crowell is not getting the same kind of touches that Gurley gets.

Granted, Gurley is a first round pick and Crowell is a late rounder who just needed to get into the NFL. However, you would think that Crowell would have distinguished himself by now.

The Browns have other plans

Crowell must not fit into the culture they have established in Cleveland, but maybe Hue Jackson wanted to give Crowell a chance to see what would happen.

Crowell has not really earned the touches that he might have wanted, and we can see that he is dropping very far off the fantasy radar. He is almost at the point where he should not even be on anybody's roster. He probably needs a change of scenery, or the offense needs to have a get-together and figure out who is going to be featured.

At this point, the Browns do not have a feature back, and that might leave room for Crowell to get back in Hue Jackson's good graces.

He could have been great

I honestly thought that Crowell would be amazing the second he got to the NFL, and he has not lived up to my expectations. To be fair, a lot of people thought he would be great even though he had problems at Georgia. He just might not be in the right head space to succeed.