Voltron” season 4 is almost here. To give fans a better idea of what they can expect in the upcoming season; producers Joaquim Dos Santos and Lauren Montogemry together with some of the cast, shared some information with fans. Here are the highlights at “Voltron’sNew York Comic-con 2017.

The Coalition and character development

The “Voltron” panel at the New York Comic-con 2017 was a treat for hardcore fans. The producers were very eager to share details about the upcoming season 4. Not only that, they also shared some new details regarding the show's beloved characters.

Voltron” season 4 will start right where we left off. The Paladins will be in good terms with each other at the beginning of the season. As Emperor Zarkon and Prince Lotor clash with each other, Allura and the Paladins start to gather members for the Coalition.

This season will also see a lot of shift in character responsibilities. The producers reveal that Shiro officially passes his role to Keith. However, even though he’s no longer the leader of the Paladins he still feels the responsibility; Shiro would still take the role of the Black Paladin in a heartbeat. Keith is also revealed to start his training with the Blades of Marmora.

Pidge will also get big lead regarding Matt. In the “Voltron” NYCC panel, the Green Paladin is shown to find the seller of the bomb used to free her brother.

She is seen to push the seller for some information and succeeds with flying colors.

Of course, Lance and Hunk will get their development as well. Montgomery reveals that Lance will continue to improve as he becomes Keith’s, right-hand man. He also starts to shake off his ego and train to become a much better person. The producer also revealed that Lance will become Keith’s stability.

Hunk, on the other hand, will develop his skill in diplomacy. Now that Shiro starts his new responsibility in the castle, he trains the Yellow Paladin how to become a savvy counsel.


Another question that popped in the panel is the matter of representation. Many “Voltron” fans are very passionate to see a LGBTQIA representation in the show.

To answer the question, the producers reassured fans that they also love the idea. They said that they will continue to push diversity in the series. Although they didn’t give a concrete answer when such a representation will appear, they are definitely working on it.

The “Voltron” season 4 trailer shows the Paladins and their allies gathering their forces against the Galra Empire. The series returns on Netflix on October 13.