I guess my real MO is "OK, but this is what is really happening."

I am rarely content with making mountains out of molehills. The Manafort indictment is happening in the background as I speak. I have been emoting about this for days because no one else was. It is a little frustrating to have few readers when you compare it with the monoliths who were silent all weekend. But while this has been happening, I have studied up a bit on the Shadow Government and the Deep State. This is the context for this article.

Anti-Communist overreach

The Shadow Government is a secretive elite that is spread throughout our far-flung military-industrial complex.

These are not people in hiding, These are discreet American citizens whose pedigree is very clear. These are the children and grandchildren of the Dulles brothers, Ike's Secretary of state and first master-spy, John Foster and Allen. Allen set the switch in the first CIA to Red Alert and it has been there ever since.

We live on a post-Constitutional plane

We need to understand the substance of the two videos I studied to write this. Not everything in them do I subscribe to, but I accept the general premises. Post-constitutional is basically what was made possible by the actual opinion of the most influential people in the US all of my life.

I was born 81 years ago and was conscious at a young age. I have been at the edge of most everything.

When George W. Bush and his sidekick Cheney brought thuggery to the fore after 9/11, they were simply revealing the scope of the Shadow Government.

We may understand it as a coalescence of power, economic, corporate, political, that essentially dictates what we will do. The Shadow Government manifests the seminal error made by Harry Truman, Eisenhower, and every President since with an asterisk after Carter. Carter had knowledge and doubts. Even Obama knew and joked about the Shadow Government.

Did the Shadow Government kill JFK?

I think it is at least possible that the Shadow Government had a hand in the events in Dallas. You can infer that from the information to which this page points. I cannot stress how normal this Shadow Government is. It amounts simply to the reality of power and the presumption that our world is too dangerous to be left to normal democratic procedures. It is this government that made Iraq happen. It has been for every military intervention.

It was wrong at its inception and has been wrong ever since. JFK was said to want to blow the whistle on the whole thing.

In the open

The Deep State is not hidden or nefarious in the way the Shadow Government can be. It is nothing more than those of every party who embrace the essential politics of the Dulles legacy. The Communists are still the threat. The oil-based global economy is still the prize. Cars rule. Progress is rejected even when reasonable. As the info offered here makes clear we have been held back by the binary mentality of the Deep State.


The Deep State can be understood by looking at a list of those who support the Federalist Society. It ranges from the Mercer family to Google.

So we will be awash in the trump drama. At the same thing, we know that we have no real power to bring down the forces that control and impede us. The news isn't fake. It is simply irrelevant