Mueller has filed grand jury indictments. The story has just broken as I write. The only mass media outlet that has spoken so far is CNN. But the GOP knows it has happened and the media are filling up with massive blowback. If you think the election was bot-driven, scope out the coming weekend. We are about to be awash in efforts to make this about anything but the law calmly indicating that it is above even a man like Donald trump. This is not new for Trump.

Trump has been on the edge of the law almost forever. He was there when he and his father were involved in a Brooklyn civil rights case that inspired a song by Woody Guthrie titled "Old Man Trump." He has stayed generally a step away from having the gavel come down on him.

He has paid out a lot of money. He has relied on a lot of legal help. And he has kept up a continual chorus which blames anybody who dares call him out.

But Mueller is a different story

Mueller is a little bit like the Lone Ranger. You can almost hear the "William Tell Overture," the signature music of what was the gripping radio drama of the1940s when I was growing up. Mueller is a man of sterling reputation who is about to be smeared with every bit of bile the Trump forces can squeeze out of their seemingly endless supply. Mueller is trying to become the first person to face a Trump-storm and humiliate his target.

Make no mistake. I have written hundreds of articles pointing to this very moment. I claimed that October would be the month when Trump would meet his Waterloo.

Heads will roll

The real question is whose heads will be seen bounding down Pennsylvania Avenue. I have no doubt that Trump will be urged to fire Mueller and tar and feather him.

This is a media food fight, more like "Animal House" than "The Winslow Boy." it seems certain that Trump will have as level a playing field as is possible, He will, of course, label everything as unfair and blame Clinton and Obama for colluding with Russia.

Who will win the media war is questionable. The amount of spine that exists even within relatively objective operations like the NYT and WaPo has diminished as Trump has gained a foothold. Almost no attention has been to create an honest record of his dictatorial acts -- among them consistent efforts to corral local police forces to aid his efforts to enforce his various bans.

Stay tuned

Dawn is breaking in Manhattan. For some reason, I was up earlier than usual. The tweets I have shared with you on this page will bring you up to speed if Google indexes this story. In years and years of humiliation in the face of mighty SEO realities, I am not holding my breath.