President Trump resumed his attack on the National Football League (NFL), stating that it had "no leadership." It was week 7 of the NFL season, but with fewer fireworks as most players were revering the flag and the national anthem. But the White House resident didn't seem thrilled with the football league members, not even the leadership. Donald Trump, as usual, took to Twitter and blasted the franchise owners.

The contentious issue plaguing the league may have been ironed out with the players, however, the U.S. President continues to stoke the proverbial flames.

On his favorite social media platform, he continues to accuse the players of being disrespectful to the American flag.

A story on CBS Sports and an article by the Business Insider highlights Trump's obsession with the NFL. According to Donald Trump, the players were arrogant, and the franchise owners lack leadership.

Divisive or just observant?

His latest Tweet depicts Trump's annoyance with the players. Obviously, he is hell-bent on chastising everyone associated with the league. His constant insults, he hopes will stop the players from kneeling during the singing of the national anthem.

President Trump had done an adequate job dividing the nation since he became the leader of the US and moved into the White House.

The President's stance is that you are either with us or against us, which also means you are against America and the troops that protect the lives of all US citizens.

With Trump's ideology, it doesn’t matter, even if the protesting players clarified that they respect the military and the country. Nor the fact that the players and owners have supported charities addressing several humanitarian concerns.

Undoubtedly, the U. S. President does not even care if the NFL has a track record of patriotism on and off the stadium field.

Playing to Trump's strengths

The President absurdly thinks the players of the NFL are anything but patriotic, as if he didn't know that the American flag was sacred to all Americans. He may find it very amusing to play to his Twitter followers, who enjoyed his blatant attacks on almost every establishment.

Trump's latest tirade highlights his attitude towards most issues, his position always serves to suit his purpose. And it doesn’t matter that the process will cause incalculable damage to patriotic individuals, as long as the United States President's core constituent is appeased, everything goes.