nd much moreCongress is investigating Hillary Clinton...again. It's possible to see why many would think of her as a political foe during the election, but now that she is not, nor will she ever be, the President of the United States, this only serves as a distraction. I and others refer to the ruthless, calculated destruction of someone who is already politically dead as, Clinton Derangement Syndrome.

Can we talk about something real?

Maybe it's the pantsuits.

Maybe it was the active role as First Lady. Maybe it was her ascendance to head a panel on healthcare in the 90s. Whatever it is, former First Lady, senator, and, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, has always had the ability to draw white-hot ire for...for what, exactly?

There are a number of substantive issues on which to criticize Hillary Clinton, but pundits rarely seem interested in those. Deep, evidence-based critiques, stemming from her and Obama's interference of the Honduran government, or her vote for the Iraq War, are surely fair game, but they don't appear at all in the forefront with Clinton's most rabid detractors.

Neither is Clinton Derangement Syndrome endemic simply on the right side of politics.

Last year saw plenty of journalists on the right excoriating Clinton for behaviors of any major politician today, simply because they chased away the specter of bias more vigorously than they investigated the truth.

Mainstay issues like Clinton's emails, her supposed coziness with Wall Street, her purported control of everything from CNN, to the FBI, to the justice system, leave much to be desired in the way of actual conversation about politics and governance.

A sense of entitlement, a desire to ban all guns, doing opposition research, a book tour, getting paid money for a speech when you're a high-profile politician, being a "flawed" candidate - these are not real issues. And, entertaining the idea that they are, is wrong. They are certainly not real issues as they compare to Clinton's male counterparts.

Obama was a "flawed" candidate. Top politicians get paid to speak. Bernie Sanders has done multiple book tours. And do we not believe some sense of entitlement is present in people who seek the highest position of power?

However, even when out of national politics for what seems like good, Hillary Clinton enrages Congress enough to start a new investigation on her, based on a story that has been debunked by Snopes.

Why it matters

It matters that on a daily basis, we are having to talk about, defend, vilify, or otherwise insert into the national conversation, someone who lost an election a year ago.

While Donald Trump is reversing executive orders left and right, attempting to kick millions off their healthcare, pressuring employers to compel their employees to make demonstrations of patriotism, delivering lackluster responses and in the aftermath of disaster, insulting Puerto Ricans, coddling white supremacists, stripping power from consumers, attacking Gold Star Widows and much more, I am thoroughly amazed that what truly seems to upset us is still Hillary Clinton. And until that changes, I think we're going to know why we are where we are right now.