It is fairly obvious that the Houston Texans have traded Duane Brown to the Seahawks because he likes social justice and Bob McNair is a racist. McNair has made himself look bad enough, but now he has traded the person who spoke out the most about social injustice on his team. If you look at it deeper, the racist owner sent Brown to the most socially conscious team in the NFL. It was as if he said, "those liberal hippies in Seattle can have him!" While McNair is crying about snowflakes, he is being the snowflake by trading a good player because he has a stance that honors the lives of others.

Bob McNair showed all his colors

Bob McNair is the most virulent racist in the NFL, and he is not even trying to hide it. He has managed to trade someone on his team who objected to racist comments, and he is doing it just after the comments happened. Remember that Brown and many of his teammates knelt on Sunday, and now Brown is gone. McNair is no different from the mob boss you see on TV who has one of his subordinates whacked just after messing up. In this case, Brown had to be traded because apparently, on the Texans anyway, being against police brutality is not acceptable. If you are a fair-minded Texans fan, you should be disgusted with this team. If you are not, you need to go look in the mirror and re-evaluate your life.

Who is next?

I would be willing to bet that Deandre Hopkins gets traded next year. He would have been a hard piece to move because the Texans would have had to ask for a lot of things in return. However, Hopkins is black, believes in social justice, and walked out when the comments by McNair came through. He will not last with the Houston Racists because he is not going to stand for being degraded as a human being.

That also means that Deshaun Watson is going to be in trouble, but I seriously doubt that McNair cares.

There goes Deshaun Watson

Watson is going to spend some time running around while all the other socially conscious black players on his team have to go. They will all be traded or cut, and we can see the writing on the wall.

You do not trade Duane Brown just after the racist firestorm and remain unbiased. Bob McNair does not like it when the inmates speak up, and Watson is still an inmate. I would be willing to bet he does not even know Watson's name. He probably just sees a black face, and that is exactly what he saw when he traded Duane Brown. I hope the Texans enjoy this because they are on a downslide that they cannot recover from.