For a Long Time, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) has protected the borders of the Western World. According to a report by the Washington Times, it was created in 1949 to protect Europe from the Soviet expansion after the Second World War. All nations that are a part of NATO must allocate 2 percent of their overall revenue to their military budget, but many countries do not adhere to this. This is putting a lot of pressure on the US economy, so, a radical change is a must.

Taking advantage of America

America has been the main contributor to the organization and thus it is no surprise that its military budget is $700 billion.

What would happen if the US decides to dissolve the NATO and reduce its military budget? Would it be an intelligent move or a mistake? Remember that the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact are over. Dissolving the NATO could Save A Lot of money, reduce taxes, and accelerate the economic growth of the United States.

Savings and growth

America could save a lot of money if they assign just 2 percent of the economy to the military. The US economy is estimated to be $19 trillion, putting the military budget at around $390 billion. The military budget is $700 billion according to a report by Newsweek. America would be able to save about $310 billion if it reduces its military expenditures to just 2 percent of the economy.

The United States could revitalize its health and education sectors, this would improve our living conditions considerably.

Western Europe

The European countries would have to pay for their own security, or the other possibility is that they maintain their military expenditure at the same level if they see no threat from Russia.

This could help the development of better relationships among nations. I have to add that the relationship between Russia and the former Soviet republics like Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia isn't the same that it has with Western Europe. According to a report by Mail Online, Russia has difficult relationships with Ukraine.

They have tense relationships because of Crimea, and Russia has been making military maneuvers to show his power.

Russia, the Baltic nations, and Ukraine

If NATO disappears, the nations that would complain the most about it would be the Baltic nations and Ukraine. The Baltic nations have small areas, populations, and they are next to Russia, so, they believe that NATO is key for their security. Anyway, if Moscow gave them their freedom more than two decades ago, why should the Kremlin invade them again? The situation with Ukraine would be worse because of Crimea. Anyway, why should America involve in this issue? America has to focus more on its economic development and let Europeans find a solution to their problems.