The USMNT is on pace to miss the World Cup, and that might be the best thing that has ever happened to them. You might be really mad at me for saying this, but this is the only way for you to fix the soccer federation that you love so much. Everyone who likes soccer jumps up out of the woodwork to defend the USMNT, but they are not really defensible. They have not played well in a very long time, and we are accepting the status quo in every way assuming that they are somehow good. We have no perspective, and we forget that sometimes bad teams and players do well.

Rex Grossman played in the Super Bowl

Rex Grossman played in a Super Bowl. He played in a Super Bowl that his Chicago Bears should not have even been in, but he was there. If he were a soccer player, we would have put him in the hall of fame. Rex Grossman is a lot like Alexi Lalas. We pretend like Lalas is some great player, but he really just has nice hair and likes talking. We need to have better standards for the USMNT, and we need to start pushing out all the people that actually were not that good. We just say they are good because that was as good as we could do, but they are not even great.

The USMNT needs to be blown up

It would be really hard for the USMNT to improve unless they blew up the whole program and started over.

They literally need to kick out everyone, and they need to completely start over. That means that someone who was supposed to be on this team needs to be kicked off it and asked to try out again. I could care less how good everyone thinks they are. They need to hire a new staff and do the whole thing all over again.

Do what USA Basketball did

USA Basketball was really down in the dumps when they won the bronze medal in 2004 at the Olympics, and they decided to blow up the whole thing. They hired Jerry Colangelo to run the program, and they hired Coach K to run the program. They practically kicked everyone off the team and told them that they did not deserve a spot unless they earned it.

Guys earned their spot, and they basically have not trailed in a game in 13 years. That is how you rebuild your program, and the USMNT needs to be forced to do that. If they did, they could be very competitive. If they choose not to, they will be living in the delusion that someone like Alexi Lalas is an all-time great. Sebastian Schweinsteiger is an all-time great. Messi, Fabregas, Ronaldo, and the like are all-time greats. We need to develop those types of talents after making a fresh start.