Running Backs in the NFL are really common because they are not held in the same esteem that they once were. You do not find teams in the NFL trying to develop running backs. They simply enjoy them while they have them, and then they move on to someone else. The Patriots have never really had a star running back, and Peyton Manning never had one. Philip Rivers had one, but it never got him anywhere.

We see guys take the league by storm like Kareem Hunt or Todd Gurley, but then they usually fall away after a few years. Do you remember Jamaal Charles?

A lot of people do not. So, which is more important, the star running back who can do everything, or is it the guy who fits the offense?

The star does not win you a title

Who is the last star running back who won his team a championship? Terrell Davis is the last person who legitimately was the reason why his team won a title. Ever since then, we have not had a single guy on a team carry the ball to victories throughout the course of the season to a Super Bowl.

We have had good backs, but we have not had someone who was obviously the best player on the team at the time. We seem to have seen the end of the star running back era unless someone like Kareem Hunt can take his team to a title. However, this is a passing league, and that pretty much sends the running backs to the back of the line.

The service is in the offense

You need to be sure that you have looked at the way your offense uses backs. There are some guys who are going to fit into the offense without doing anything impressive, and that is how a lot of teams get to the passing game. The Patriots have done this for years, and it is no surprise to anyone that it is still working.

They occasionally have guys on their team that run the ball well, but they never have any real superstars running the ball. That is because they do not need it, and they might never need it.

Can we change that?

The NFL would have to go through a dry period where there are not enough people to play quarterback, but that is not going to happen.

We have a ton of teams in the league that have a passer for at least the next decade, and we have others that can find someone to put in that spot. These franchises will always pick a passer before they pick someone to run, and that is why the running back gets devalued every time. You need a general manager, coach, quarterback, pass rusher, and receiver. That is all. Anything else is a waste of time in a league where passing the ball is the only way to win.